I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Singing In The Pink!

    Singing In Pink!
I'm singing in the pink
Oh my what do you think?
Should it be rosey
Or maybe real cozy,
Perhaps a soft hazy hue
Intermixed with purply blue?
A pink sapphire or two
On a necklace will do...
I'd like a nice phone
And maybe a pink throne
Soft pink velvet pillows
And luscious pink pussy willows...
A pinkalicious delight
To last through the night!
Lots of friends to come to my pink bubble
Keeping me busy and out of trouble!

Poems My Way Valrie 05/21/2010

Get out of trouble and into pink here!

Wouldn't it just be awesome to have this pink media device? I would definitely be singing in the PINK!
These adorable pink bird earrings would sing music to my ears!

How would you like one of these gorgeous pink gemstone rings? I think if I ever get engaged again I just might go with a pink gemstone engagement ring, what do you think about that idea? This one peaks my interest...

Simply stated elegance isn't it?

I rather like this... two hearts as one...

A bit heavy, but I do have very long fingers!

I will be in total PINK tomorrow at my niece's baby girl's baby shower! Want to see what I am getting her? Well if I post it she will look at it so I guess I better not until next time!

Be sure to visit Bev at How Sweet The Sound to get links to other great PINK posts. Next week we celebrate 2 years so I will be doing something very PINK and Special and a giveaway that is surely

Have a wonderful PINK DAY!


  1. Happy Pink Saturday, Valrie! Love the first pink ring! Such a happy post! Wishing you a lovely weekend.


  2. Oh my, what lovely pinks I see before me eyes. I rather like that pink 2 hearts as one. Very pretty. And that last ring would look lovely on a hand with long fingers indeed. Thanks for the pretty pinl poem. Nopw I must go cisit your pink bubble. (Can't believe I haven't yet. (I'm moving my spring angel around until she finds the perfect spot.)

  3. You are such a talented poet! Thank you for visiting us on our first Pink Saturday post, we appreciated it! Have a nice week! Twyla


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