I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

WOW! Such a busy week! Whales Bay Poem!

WOW! What a week last week. I have been writing poems and short articles and even working on an instructional strategies book for teaching reading. My new found source of inspiration is Glimmerglass Lake State Park and the marvelous lake (Otsego, NY) that glistens day and night. Next time I go to Glimmerglass Lake I will be sure to have my camera in tow! I feel a poem growing!

I have been connecting with many new websites and poetry forums. The newest are http://poetrydances.ning.com/ and http://poetswhoblog.blogspot.com/. Additionally, I had my first article published! It is a first hand narrative and was  published over at Associated Content, Places to Take First Date (Cooperstown, NY). ot of fun to write. Type in contributor name Valrie Verhoeven! Many thanks goes out to TESS at (The Heart of Words) as she is the blogger and friend who/where I discovered Associated Content!

Writing to prompts or first line poems is something I have used as a writing strategy for my students. Last week I responded to this one: "The ice is melting on the bay,"

                                           This and other great whales can be viewed here!

          Whales Bay

The ice is melting on the bay,
Flooding roaring throughout the day.
Sea gulls calling soaring low
As chunks of ice no longer slow
Force through the glacier barrier
An old man at sea the warrier.
Steamships plod and break the ice
Removing all that's within sight.
Vacationers come, the whales return
And from this, we now adjourn.

Poems My Way Valrie (as posted on http://www.poetrydances.ning.com/ 04/01/2010 Search for all poems by my name!

Looking forward to a productive week and have a wonderful day!

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