I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Friday, April 2, 2010


What better way to start PINK SATURDAY than with a pink coffee cup, so grab yours and let's hop around the web this Easter weekend and make new friends.(Links to other PINK SATURDAY BLOGS HERE) Please leave a comment and if you can join the MAY DAY SWAP EVENT (here)!

My little Easter chick is all pretty in pink, ready for April Showers, and what do they bring?

That's right,  pink SPRING flowers and butterflies of course!

This potted Pink Swan orchid makes a lovely gift for Easter!

All three of these are available

And aren't these tulips just beautiful in varied shapes of pinks?

Ready to have some fun decorating glitter eggs?  Help the baby bunny and chick!

Be sure to hang them on your tree
and store them safely for many years of fun!

How about baking a few bunny cupcakes or an Easter basket cake?

This bunny is waiting for you!
Many recipes for these and other fun cakes can be found here!

Last week I met  MyThoughtsMyVoice  during my PINK surfing time and want to introduce you to her wonderful blog. Visit her today and learn about the Hershey virtual Easter basket, a simply wonderful way to pass on good fortune to the needy and bless your friends, family, and followers! I am going to send at least 2 to my children it is so easy to do! I'll post the pictures tomorrow!

There is a new button on my blog, come inside and see what is in my PINK BUBBLE!

Email me that you visited today and enter PINK BUBBLE for the code for a 25% savings!
 Have a blessed weekend and remember the sacrifice Christ made for us as He died on the cross!


  1. First let me say, what a fun blog background you have! It's so bright and cheerful!
    Second, all your photos are beautiful but that orchid took my breath away. It's beyond beautiful!

  2. What a sweet post - and I love all the embroidered images. Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Easter!

  3. Hi Valrie...pretty Easter Pinks!!
    Have a lovely pink day and a very Happy Easter too. xo Tami

  4. Lovely post..Happy Easter & Happy Pink Saturday.
    I'm having a giveaway, please feel free to drop by and join in.
    Have a great weekend

  5. Too cute! Happy Pink Saturday and happy Easter!!

  6. Pink french tulips. That's would I love!

  7. Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Easter to you, Valrie.

    I love this post. You have filled it with pretty images of Spring and Easter. And, all of the bouquets are stunning.


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