I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Garden


My Garden

Blessings come to us through God, including friends  ~

Who are His angels answering our calls in our time of need...

Messengers from above carrying His word on the wings of doves

Sharing our joys and laughter, sprinkling about His love…

Caring for our spiritual and worldly needs, warming

A cold and hardened heart, and into us life breathing…

Daily relief from the torments of doubts long harbored

Within our minds and souls, friendship of love unlabored,

Unconditional, freely streams into our waking souls ~

Blessed by God and through His holy word truth be told.

A garden of friendships to blossom and blanket once barren

Landscapes, to deliver us from evil, to restore what was lacking ~

Planted firmly now is my garden with the friends that sprout ~

Nurtured by God’s divine love and faith in me, no doubt…

Toiled soil now fertile and deeply sowed with grace, I’ll pollinate ~

Multiply His blessings as I give freely of myself, for them create

A shared blessing, Heaven sent to me, and the friendship

God blessed us with, through Him, grows into Christian discipleship.


Poems My Way ~ Valrie 07/02/2013

Among my garden of Christian friendships, I was recently blessed with Beth Norris as a friend. She is a wonderfully talented artisan...see what I just bought from her...

I just love the vintage look she created.. perfect too as I collect hearts,
teddy bears, and of course as you know butterflies!

 You can browse through her delightful creations here

Another busy day at the muse's... have 3 more poems near publishing, physical therapy to go to.. that is a whole hour of fun on the rack of torture...have to finish reading a book for the training conference I will be attending next week... 100 more pages to go...sorting through and picking the outfits to pack... so hot in FL but the conference rooms are like ice houses... so I'll need layering of outfits to be sure... and then getting ready for the long weekend ahead...

Have a beautiful and blessed day!

"Fly away, high away, bye bye..."

 We reap what we sow...


Sending my hugs your way!

Have coffee will surf...





  1. Beautiful write Valrie ..
    Happy 4th ~

  2. Beautiful! Beautiful Poem, thoughts, necklace and vibe here!

    Enjoy your holiday and hope that therapy is easy for you!



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