I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Songs of Praise

Singing songs of praise today for the Lord has given me another day of life.
There have been several moments over the last few days wherein I pleaded with God to call me home. I suffer chronic pain and the most debilitating of that is the severe chronic migraines that have haunted me for the last 45 years. It is compounded with the fact that I am also diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and Raynaud's syndromes. I call this my fire and ice... it wreaks havoc on me daily when they both flare-up I sing a song called Fire and Ice and visualize my hubby's favorite flowers, red roses tipped with white or bouquets of those two colors, just to lift my spirits. I didn't always have such great coping skills. Again I awoke today with this migraine that has plagued me since Tuesday, it appears I am running another marathon against my own brain... the last migraine marathon lasted 2 weeks. I will win this one! I spent most of Friday in tears and my husband  ended up having to take me to the ER... surprise not only a migraine ma'am but your blood pressure is out of control...maybe it is the cause of the migraines then this time? For three days now it has circled in the 155/96zone with a pulse rate of 98 beats a minute... that's racing... hmmmm maybe the doctors will listen to me now...
Additionally I broke my back in 2006 and had surgery on that, along with a fractured and broken dislocated left wrist...3 times, both ankles 3 times on the left, 2 times on the right; both wrists have a condition called T3, which means all the tendons that flex the wrist are frayed and torn. Advanced osteoporosis set in and was diagnosed in 2006; last year it was confirmed that my severe advanced osteoporosis has escalated to degenerative one disease and several disks in my back and spine are now compressing upon each other causing chronic spinal nerve pain... along with a minor heart problem which is now apparently becoming more of a major one...Why am I sharing this? Because my friends even though I have been saddled with these ailments, I still stand fast and tall to God. There have been days and weeks, yes even months and years gone by wherein I truly wanted to hope because I forgot to die. My conditions made me worthless in my mind. I had no hope. Holding jobs while raising 5 children and trying to be a supermom and doing it all was taking its toll... eventually I just collapsed and rightfully so. But that is all in my autobiographical novel in progress,
The Road I Travel...
I have learned to place my life into  God's hands, for He is in control...
In spite of it all, I Praise Him and sing from my heart Songs of Praise...
Praise Him, Praise Him, Sing!
Praise Him, Praise Him for God is good, God is Good
Share Him, Share Him all through your neighborhood.
Worship Him in holy places singing praises unto His name.
Praise, Him, Praise Him, your life will never be the same...
Alleluiah, Alleluiah,  hark the heralds sing, to Him be the glory.
Share Him, Share Him, spread His word, and tell His story.
Praise Him, Praise Him all ye little ones, meek and mild ~
Hold Him in your hearts; love with the innocence of a child.
Alleluiah, Alleluiah, hear the trumpets blare, your call to prayer
Crown Him, Crown Him, for His life upon a cross He did bare...
Hosannah ,Hosannah, He is King of all Kings, fall upon our knees
Rejoice, Rejoice, in Him for He died that our sins might be released.
Praise Him, Share Him, Worship Him, Crown Him, Hold Him,Rejoice
Rejoice, for He is the One, most Holy, He has given you your voice
Praise Him, Praise Him with holy Hymns of joy, Christ is King
Lift up your weary hearts and Praise Him, Sing Praises, Sing!
Poems My Way ~ Valrie 07/07/2013
Blogging has become my favorite hobby along with the poetry I write, inspired by God's talks and walks in my life. It is truly by God's Design that I am alive today, and through Him and because of Him I live. God is the center of my life, He is first, and I am blessed to be under God's umbrella and
protected too, by the Godly man He sent to me, loved by my Heavenly Father and the man He intended for me... with this Faith, placing my life in God's hands, in turn God has blessed me with many joys. I live to tell His story, to Him be the Glory. May your day and week be filled with many blessings and please share Jesus with the lives of the ones you love and reach out to those in need.


  1. Thanks for visiting Riverside Studios and commenting on my recycled TOMS. I used waterproof permanent fabric glue but did not seal them with Scotchgard...that might be a good idea.
    I hope you have a Pink Week filled with good health and the Lord's Blessings.

  2. Bless your heart, I'll remember you in my prayers. I used to have horrible migraines until I changed to a corn, sugar, and gluten free diet. I hardly have any headaches at all now, except the occasional rainy weather related dull ache. While my husband and I served in England as missionaries, I had the first ever amalgam fillings put into my teeth. From that I got mercury poison which damaged my immune system and for over thirty years now I've had Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). So, I understand your health problems to a certain extent. Hang in there and keep singing his praises!! ((((Big Hugs)))

  3. Thanks so much for visiting Buttercup's. Hope you will stop by often. Keeping you in my prayers for relief for your headache.


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