I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

As I Ponder Through the Night...

  "In the Still of the Night" came on the radio and here is where my own thoughts take me in the still of my nights...

 As I Ponder Through the Night

Sometimes I lay awake at night and wonder,
Oh the troubles and worries of my slumber -
Never a frutiful evening for me was spent,
Trying to discern the irony and malcontent
Of those who would inflict pain upon
Another, prey on them when downtrodden -
Souls empty and ever so lost in despair
Consumed and frantic because of their fear.
What causes such a futile life to be -
Why is it the past so haunts them and me?

And then there are the mornings' sweet sunrise
WHen the tears of the night met their demise
For as I awaken to the laurels of birds in Spring
I celebrate the life of every living thing!
The butterflies whose grace takes away my breath
The tulips and the lillies perfection underneath
Barefeet and silky grass in meadows as it grows
For the little fawn spotted and her dainty nose
That sniffs for luscious greens partakes a meal
Each day filled with love and off explores with zeal..

Yet still the night returns and thoughts of yesteryear
Creep in between the folds of more than just my fear -
Of memories and treasure lost forever, untold
Lies and wounds left to heal, oh to be loved, to hold
Another in my arms without the fear of pain -
To renew my faith, have hope for love again,
But can that ever be or is trust and respect so gone
Annihalted through years of hate, sad and broken bones
Left on a roadside to die or as the law of nature demands
Rise above and fight for Life and Love, I stand!

But as I  begin to crawl out of the pits of my sorrows
Although I may forgive them, I'll ne'er forget the tomorrows
Of my life, the roads I traveled, the murky bloody waters
The visits came they went and love like wilted flowers.
A soul awakened from slumber to rise out of the ashes
Of another's sins, to rebuild a life without lashes
From those loved the most, the cruel whip of man
Mudering my thoughts, absconding with my plans...
And I now cajole myself with the truth and bare
My secrets for noone but for me, as I dare!

Sometimes a pause in Life brings a new calm
It rejuvenates the once burdened empty palms
Delightfully returns one to a better state of mind
The tiny granules of hate did not last in time
Enough to destroy the joy, the love of a birdsong
As it glides amidst the damp dewey morn, gone
To soar among the skies and build a nest
 Among the Poplar trees for their own sweet rest.
and as the moon settles in aloft upon the clouds
I pause to think and speak my fears aloud...

Yes, a pause serves well, it does not set back
The hands of time, nor remove the hard cold facts
Of war and other sinful acts, yet brings us time
Time of reflection, projecting lesser than kind
The blame unto nother, friend, foe, or lover
And man agiain forget hiss brother and his mother
Strays from the path of Light, and his thoughts
Walks alone in darkness,  all is indeed for naught
Unless the pause in Life renews our hope for mankind
So my friend, need I once again, a glimpse behind?

Poems My Way Valrie 04/27/2011

I hope that God brings each of us what need for commfort in the still of our nights!

A final note, I will be walking in the local Relay for Life this Spring in Cooperstown Dreams Park and honoring  those os us whom are survivors of BC and of our loved ones, I am accepting donations for a virtual team to walk with me. Please email me here!       for more details!

        My goodness, it's almost 12 noon and here I sit sipping my JAVA and still in a robe...
Time to be running though, as our dear poet Robert Frost wrote... "and miles to go before I sleep."

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                                           Remember, GOD LOVES YOU!

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