I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Will You Walk With Me? Be Still My Burdened Soul, All is Well

Today's Poem is inspired by this Swedish lyric. Hope you enjoy it!

Will You Walk With Me?

Into the garden of life I came and once walked alone.
No longer for you are here and so walk with me...
Once forgotten I know now where and how to come home
And how simple, yet did I only know sooner to open my eyes to Thee?

Many a cold wintry morn' I walked the woods of my youth tide,
Afraid of my feelings, wiping teary eyes, for I felt forlorn
My friends were but mine enemies, the truth from them did I hide?
A heart filled with so much love to give, yet ruthlessly torn...

Searching among the starlit Heavens I gazed up in awe,
I cried out to You, yet little knowing the answers weren't far...
I heard the lips of angels speak to me as they comforted, raw
Within the burden of my loins and heart a lost soul marred...

And they said will you walk to me, will you come into my arms?
Or as did we once help to carry footprints in the sands,
Come to you as Jesus so you too will walk, no longer harmed?
Please dear one, stretch out your weakened woeful hands...

Won't you walk with me, and feel the gentle breeze of love?
Are you not worthy of happiness, relieve the burdened years...
Come unto the Heavens and Hosana, join Aaints high above,
For full well we know, 'tis long enough and pain becomes tears.

Our tears or of joy, happiness, and birth for your Salvation
Comes and time is drawing near, so Ye of Faith, come walk
With Me, harken to the angels calls, and through Resurrection
Of your Faith, conviction to the LORD, new Life embarks.

So are you able to walk with me, steady by my side in faith?
When will you make the choice to enter the realm of God?
Will it be today my friend, a gentle walk and talk ... how great
A choice for all when you answer true my call, yes, through God...

Now, a tender talk from me to you, and we walk a glorious path
Into new begnnings, washed by the blood of Christ in sacrifice
Not the Lamb but the Way, belongs to you, as today rejoice, hath
Made a new entry into the book 'tis written your eternal life.

Poems My Way Valrie 04/21/2011

Like I said yesterday, they just come to me... and when the muse speaks I listen and my fingers take the walk with Thee oh God, Praise You!

A second by a favorite hymn... Be Still My Soul and John Moen's rendition...


Be Still My Burdened Soul, All is Well

Be still my burdened soul, for all is well today
Christ my Saviour has come to the garden of my life
And planted the seeds to rebuild awaken yesterday
When all was good and true filled with love not strife -

Be still my troubled heart, relieve the salty tears
That pool deep within your wound and hear His words
No longer live in chains that bound you all these years,
Break free from laden straints placed unjust and so hard...

Be still and know that He is here with you lost soul,
Bathe in the cleansed waters, your sins washed away,
What was once dark, depressing, and long run foul
Is replaced with peaceful thoughts, in not so subtle way...

Gone is the time to wile away your youth, reach out now
And hold fast to the rope I sent to you, climb high
Upon it and permit the pure waters to baptize, somehow
You have known, cajoled yourself many a day, but why?

Why will you not be still my soul, what causes the unrest?
Have you other burdens left to share, does pain still await
Your closed door, or is it time for Love, Life, Happiness?
Yes, be still my souls, be still and enter into His gate.

There is but one way to be still, my soul, it rests with HE...
Ponder longer, delay once more, or break free from heavy chains
That bind you, how many years oh troubled soul, unhappily
Left to wander and wonder or know through Christ, He came...

Ah, yes, peace, serenity, I bask now with thee, content beyond
Belief or becasue I do believe, through my faith I rise to Thee.
Whole again, the injured soul lies still, lost, now found,
I am coming home to you, be still my soul, be free.

Poems My Way- Valrie 04/21/2011

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