I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Carmel The Lost Kitty

    Carmel, The Lost Kitty

Carmel my persnicketty tabby cat
Where oh where might you be at?
I have battled the winds
What sort of trouble are you in?
My heart shall not beat til you're home again...

Carmel, Carmel, with your pink nose
Your golden caramel eyes. I suppose
Have you meandering the mountainous hills -
But when will you once more perch on window sills?
I wait and I cry; why oh why are you so strong willed?

Carmel you impish crafty four pawed friend
Hunt well the mice and birds of men
Scamper fast or the sly fox  meal shall make of you
Oh little orange tabby what ever shall I do
Do you doubt the words I speak, or that I love you?

Carmel I shout into the Heaven's starlit skies
I weep deep tears of sadness, and will not dry my eyes
Nor smile shine upon my face to return home, and race
Across the wooden floors once more, and memories make
Twixt and tween our kindred spirits' and lovelit face...

Faith in you my dear scoundrel and feline -
Patience a virtue I no longer have, 'twould be divine
If you might return to me, and tickle me once more -
Stretching upon 3 paws the forepaw once more
Gliding o'er my cheeks as you tumble out the door.

I know 'tis but hours and you will be at my side
Purring and frolicking, begging for a tummy rub, then hide
Beneath the ruffles on the bed, peaking out to see
If I am transfixed upon the antics that you so merrily
Entertain with me and I again am happy as could be.

Poems My Way Valrie 04/05/2011

This is the BIG Bugger BOB, with his own Cheshire Grin!

The little bugger Carmel fast asleep from his haunts..... I wonder what he is dreaming about?

The little bugger snuck out right under Bob's nose. Bob has a hearing impairment of over 50% in both ears and even with the tinker bell on his collar (Carmel's not BOB's) the little scoundrel gets by Bob. He had made a fabulous Jimbalaya and kitty followed the scent of the scallops and shrimp remains in the garbage as Bob took it down and out through the garage. So goes Carmel out into the wilderness of a frosty sleet born night of ice and wintry mix in April! Geez! He came home to my calls and 2 cans of Albacore tuna in bowls at opposite ends ofthe house outside. Lucky the wafting winds bore the scent to Carmel and drew him home. I had to move Friday last week and we are all adapting to our new surroundings here with Bob who gave us sanctuary. Quite the happy family until the kitty gets out. Don't let the Kitty get out, don't let the kitty get out, 'cause you'll have to get up and let the Kitty in.....MEOW! Mom used to sing that to us all the time when we were little. Happy ending about 10:30PM after 5 hours of traversing the hillsides and country roads CARMEL relented and came home. I love this cat so much. Thank you God for bringing him home once more to me!
 Snuggling up with his Momma, too pooped to object to being home, Carmel loves to "milk" it!

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  1. I wish I did, but no longer are feline's here. Miss them terribly. We raised Manx which are such a fascinating cat ... your Carmel so reminds me of my childhood Tuffy. Oh, the memories .....

    Have a beautiful weekend.
    TTFN ~

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