I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Teddy Bear Tea Party Ideas From You to Me!

A very long and hectic someone sadddened week for me as I said goodbye to my little apartment in the Carraige house in Cooperstown, NY. Nothing  settles my upset tummy  more than a hug from my teddy bear, a steeping hot cup of tea MADE FROM loose tea leaves , and a spoonful of love for good measure.

Wonderful ideas for teddy bear tea party with Michelle Hylton  at The Party Shelf.com

I would never have made it throught these last few days were it not for my sister Vanessa. She is my rock, my sister, my best friend and God's angel.
Vanessa I have something very special  waiting for you the next time we get together...
In the meantime, this beautiful butterfly (Vanessa means butterfly ) is for you !

The saga started wgen Carmel realized his manhood. He had a strong odor in his kitty litter box and my landlord has doube standards. Apparently everyone else can have cats, dogs, she keeps mice and does nothing but give me peanut butter in a tub continer and an old fashioned mouse trap, and leaves the rest up to me. I couldn't get rid of the mice and Carmel who had ran away after I moved last June from sister's house trying to find me was my answer. I didn't want to give him up or risk him being put down and so I left the little dollhouse apartment Vanessa and I had craftesd with our finds, her creations and alot of gagarge sales, thrifting, creative ingenuity, and plenty of love. One of therse days I just might get pictures up of whjat it looked like if I can eve get my digital camers to unload them! Anyways this is my angel Carmel for whom I sacrificed my little haven. I am temporrily staying with my sweetheart, had to put everything in storage and it is so hard to let things go... Let go and let God though right?

Carmel has a PHD in technology computer sciences. Right here he is making sure the dvd player has all its wires connected and there are no loose ends!
This was near Christmas time and he just loves to snuggle with me 24/7. He is my shadow, he also loves to pose pretty. Such a little ham.

Notice the little bit of PINK here below, snug as 2 bugs ON the rug, me and my Carmel!!!!

                                      Purrrrfectly content! Pink kitty nose, Pink jammies and my and my Carmel!

Sorry for the late post. Went to bed at 2AM up at 6:30 AM and finished the last bit of the move....

Very tired now, going to get me some chamolile tea and visit all my blogger friends.

God Bless You and Happy Pink Saturday be sure to visit BEV and link to all the pretty amazing
PINK Saturday Posts!

Big PINK HUGS going out to you!

Email me here if you need my new phone number or address.

I have my mammaogram Tueday, please say a prayer, I hoping for 3 years in a row baseline clean, Survivor since 2000, and each year I am terrified of going...

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  1. Hi Valrie,
    Love the teddy bear sitting in the teacup! I'm sorry you've had a rough week! I pray your mammogram goes well. I am always nervous too ever since a bad report I received a few years ago. My last mammogram, came back clear so I'm thankful. God bless you and have faith. He is watching over you. Happy Pink Saturday.


  2. Valrie,
    I'll keep ya in my prayers for good results.
    I have been to Cooperstown only once, but LOVED it! It was a great experience. I'm sorry your landlord was a stinker.
    prayers sent.


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