I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dear God, Will You Hold Me Now? Hillsong With Lyrics

Dear God, I am in your hands, will you hold me know? Moving with a fractured ankle and heel, interviewing my brains out, nearing the completion of my doctoral degree, yet there still seems no end in sight to the suffering and pain. Please,Will you hold me know?

Dear God, Will YouHold Me Now?

Will you God, will you hold me know?
Can I turn to you in my time of need?
Do you feel my pain and see me bleed?
What should I do, where do I go?

Have I not suffered and weeped long enough?
Are not the sacrifices made genuine and real?
Why am I tested in my faith, why not healed?
My nerves are strained, dreams shattered, rough!

Is there no end to what lies ahead in the path of life?
Will there be a rainbow or blinding light one day?
Are the angels and their trumpets blaring, I pray -
Yet it appears 'tis written I was born to live in strife.

Where is the tender hands of my Father, gone?
How am I to mend the broken heart and soul
I have tried through years and do what I am told,
Yet still I am alone, saddened and forlon.

God, a Trinity of hope, faith, and trust, believe
I believe in you God, yet who believes in me?
Each time I fall, and mount the burdens happily
Once more, but no, I see no Grace, nor am relieved...

I dare not test my faith beyond the limits of my heart
I yearn for the day when dawn comes and suffering ends
When I for the last time will once more begin again,
Building my hopes, realizing my dreams, in faith, a fresh start...

Will you God, will you reach down to me and hold me now?
Will I God, will I join you one day and come to know your love?
Shall I share in the Glory of faith, ascend with angels above?
Or will my fears paralyze me, and my soul be devoured?

I pray on my knees, my face to the floor, will you hold me now?
I weep with a lost soul for the years gone by to be restored...
I yearn to hear your knock upon my heart's closed door...
Are you there and will you, will you hold me now?

Poems My Way - Valrie 03/30/2011

A dear friend of mine sent me a link to this song, and it touched my heart and soul. This is how the song spoke to me in my present circumstances. It would be easy to despair, but God, I turn to you in heartfelt prayer, and will you hold me now?

It's me God, Valrie Ann, and I need your hold fast to me.

                                                              Do you hear my prayers?
                          In all the glory you create, I place my hopes, faith and dreams in Thee...
To my dear blogland friends may God grant His blessings upon you and keep you safe.

Please leave a comment, they bring joy and laughter to my heart!

       Sending out my heartfelt hugs to you and asking for prayers of strength and courage to face the day.
                         I love you all so much, may your guardian angel keep you safe from harm.

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