I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

For Japan I Sing a Song.

Many of us know the plight of our allies in Japan. As I sit here today and reminisce about the cherry blossom festival in DC at the National Mall and Monument, I weep with sadness for all the lost lives and wounded in Japan. Here is my tribute to Japan.

                                   For Japan, I Sing a Song

This year, as the dew settles upon the cherry blossoms it weeps tears instead of misty droplets...
The sea deepened with salty tears from senseless loss of life and full despair.
The world, so saddened by the turbulence mother nature has befelled upon your great nation.
Nothing can dry the eyes that are brimful, the sobs and heartaches grow with each new dawn.

Oh where again is God amidst all of this... why forsake your children and perilous journeys
Peak once more as trhey traverse the aftermath of the storms at sea?
What can be said "good" to come of such loss, innocents, punished by the anger of the earth?
I seek to, but will never understand the toils and tribulations that are put upon mankind.

It is here where I most question the existence of God or a higher being, faith to see it through,
Yet doubts inflicted where 'ere I look and journeys traveled too -
When I have seen with mine own eyes the injustices of life, poverty, desolation...
Of despair, and myself am  forgotten, downtroddened, and alone?

Were I the orchestrator of the world, I would cease these woes; I would like to believe
In a kinder soul of Thee. I have my doubts as you might plainly see.
The atrocities we inflict upon each other, the devastation we impose upon others,
Surely this can not be considered civilized? For all our advances we step back in time, savages...

How am I to trust that it will ever become better?
Please speak to opened ears, give me hope for all mankind -
Or else I fear that into my inner being I will subside and no longer choose
The path of light, I will become a skeptic, a recluse with no purpose left to live!

Do you feel the tears that flood once smiling eyes?
Do you feel the heavy burdens placed within my heart?
Can you see the high levels of anxiety within my soul?
Will you ever heal them and from this prison let me go?

I long to soar above like an angel in the sky -
I dream of a better place to be, perhaps with Thee?
I yearn for a time when all pain and suffering shall end.
And we no longer war among ourselves, mankind?

Poems My Way -Valrie 03/20/2011

Please pray for the citizens of Japan.


Off to see the lovely pinks!
Surfing through today and linking up to Bev and Pink Saturdays over at How Sweet The Sound.

Also I came upon the most exquisite blog this AM and decided to feature Jan over at Rose Haven, be sure to stop over but have a huge mug of coffee or pot of tea at your side as you will spend awhile browsing her delicious recipes and artful designs~!

May God watch over me I am asking for your prayers. I need to find a new home, the landlord has double standards and lets 2 other people have pets but not me and those of you who have followed me know how special Carmel is to me. I had him neutered yesterday and he is home and healing fine But I will not give him up. With a broken fractured ankle and heel I have been requested to "make other arrangements." I have until April 30th before they start legal proceedings so they say. NEXT SATURDAY I WILL TRIBUTE MY LITTLE PINK HAVEN. It seems every time I finally get my home exactly the way I want it tragedy hits and I have to move on. I am also asking for your prayers to help the ankle heal qucikly and that I be blessed soon with a full-time job.

                                           I found the perfect home to call my Pink Castle too!
                                           It is Barrington, MA and only $15 million, a bargain!

Please leave a comment they bring smiles to my face and turn my heart a glorious shade of pink!

Pink Hugs to you ALL!


  1. Hi Valrie...

    Thanks for the special "link" and I'm glad you have been enjoying my Blog. I love making it a pleasant place to visit.

    Hubby and I will be praying for you and Carmel. I know how difficult it is to have to move (I moved 42 times from 1980 - 2005). And...on top of that...your foot/ankle...oh my! Get well soon!!


    ps...I added you near the bottom of my Blog, in my Blogs I Visit.

  2. Happy Pink Saturday Valrie,
    I too, weep and pray for Japan. We take so many things for granted here.
    God promised he would never leave us or forsake us...I don't know why these things happen but that is when FAITH comes in and I trust Him, even though I have my own questions. You must always have hope...faith and love
    Your poem is very grievous...a song of trevail and it is exactly how a person feels when they are trying to come to grips with such massive destruction and death...shock and we can learn so much from the Japanese people during this...humble...patience...love...order...no pilfering...
    Thank you for sharing your lovely poem.
    Simply Debbie


  4. Thank you for stopping by. HPS!

  5. Happy Pink Saturday.....so fun to join in all the Pinkness...I pray for God to bless each one of you...giving you peace and strength...enjoy the day!


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