I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Life is Good, God is good, all the time, God is good.

Happy Pink Saturdays and I am so happy to finally be back to a bit of normalcy!

In the last 4 weeks since I last posted I have had many life changing events.

1. My son returned home from Afghanistan on 2/10/11, I got a hail Mary call less than 24 hours notice nd asked via dear FB chat momma, would you please come or try to receive me home, I am coming in sometime on or about the 10th? My heart tugged, finally my Joey is out of the "heat" and on his way home. Little did I know that day what all occurred in his life. He spent 4 days after getting out of battle in the hospital with unexplained heart palpitations, they think it was due to the atmospheric changes and the stresss of the body going 24/7 fighting to stay alive. I only found this out after I picked him up from Camp Legune , NC, late Thursday night, and the following morning when we were still talking about.. "things"

2. The second communication came over FB again, apparently his fiance was unfaithful and from the base of the Himalayan mountains via FB, they mutually agreed to call off the wedding. Joey is relieved, he had doubts and has learned to always trust your gut.

3. The drive down to Camp Legune started at 5:30 PM and I made it to the DC area by 1AM, stopped for 4 hours of sleep and then back on the road after a hot shower and a quick breakfast. Pulled into part of Camp Leguine at 1PM Thursday. Got told to take the next right to leave as I was on the wrong base, I was at the infantry division. Well the next thing will rock your world! I ended up on the tar mac of the base where their flights land and take off. Never stopped by any security and fearing for my life or arrest, as I knew I shouldn't even be this far into the base. I called 911 and they switched me to the MP and finally after many tears I was given directions off the base, not even escorted can you believe it? What if I had been a terrorist, must be a female American aged 55 doesn't look that threatening. Gets Better. I drive another 20 minutes down the road and get to the right part of the Camp Legune assemblage and maze of islands, and again take the first right and they will register you on base, etc. Huh! The fiorst right he really meant a hairpin turn which I didn't see. One hour later after navigating trough the officer's quarters (beautiful by the way) I flagged down a compassionate Marine who took me from the golf course where I hailed him down with 3 loud blasts of my horn and a ton of tears, escorted me with all the love of my own son to the prioper place. Yes, now I was legally on the base. I am at awe as was this second Marine as to how in one day the same woman could wander unsecured and cleared by security on two major divisions of Camp Legune without being questioned. Didnm't make me feel too good nor him about the men who didn't perform their jobs.

4. Now I had a few hours to spend, grabbed a burger on base and waited for the gym to open for family to wait as the flights arrived, they go through weapons check and surrender, then marched into the square, all 1100 of the Marines. What ensued further amazed me. These heroes homne from war had all their gear dropped in the middle of an unlit common area and had to searchv out three bags of gear all looking the same and then find a way to carry each to their barracks if noone came to take them away or parents, loved ones picking them up bied for nearby parking to limit the heavy trek wo the car. After 7 months of fighting 24/7 to stay alive I for one thought they could have at least lit the parking area up so we could read the tags on the bags, BUT they are Marines and they sucked it up found rhe bags and dispersed merrily for their first American meal in months.

5. I spent the next 3 days with my son. Talking, and just being there to listen, cleaned up his house for him after the departure of the former fiance. Then got in the car and headed back home a lonely 13 hour ride. Left in the AM about 8AM and arrived back to my SO arms late Sunday night, almost 10PM just in time for Valentine's day!

6. Academically this put me way behind. I was taking 4 courses and had fallen behind the 5 days away with no internet acess to do research and submit papers. Now I played catch up! For the next 20 days I barely slept. Then tragedy happens to me.

7. I fell twice in one week. My left ankle kept going out from under me. The second time I was going down the stairs and on my way to do a presentation for the end of one of those 4 doctoral courses. Ughh! More pain, crutches, a bootcast that makes me look  like Frankenstine and pain killers with 10 papers and 3 projects left to complete.

8.  Relief, Still on crutches and a boot cast, finished the courses in time with 9 minutes to spare for posting deadline. Got all my grades yesterday, 93.41%, 98.02%, 99.55%, and 99.81% they all count as A's so yes I still am holding my 4.00 GPA in my doctoral studies.

9. SO that is where I have been and what has been going on with one of my kid's life.

10. My other offspring, Jenni kept in touch with all of this and was my own private cheerleader. She too is in college and studying to be a veternarian. We couldn't get ther to Camp Legune to be there when her little brother came home. But she was there in spirit!

I will get back to my real pink posts but today I am simply tickled pink!

Have a blessed PS!

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I sleptuntil 11AM, after all that work my body is drained. Recharging with my cup of Sumatra Java.

Beary Hugs and Love to All!

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  1. Oh my gosh Valrie, you have gone through so much, but I think the most important thing is your son is safe and home. As for the girlfriend, better to find out now that later.
    I hope you heal soon and are up and running. I could go on and on, but really want to wish you a very Happy Pink Saturday and let you spend your time with your family. Thank you son for us, he is a hero, Char

  2. Oh my goodness!! Wow! What a trip that was! I can't believe the lack of security either! Bless your son for doing his part. I am glad he is home safe. I'll bet a huge weight is off your shoulders.
    I sat out this semester but I am a 51 year old in college too and it is a lot harder then it was when I was 20. Good for you!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!!


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