I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Monday, February 28, 2011




Since I last posted here is my newsflash update...

February 9th my son emailed me  (actually FB chat thank you very much!) that he was on his way from the base of the Himalayas, his stopover from exiting Afghanistan through Akrakistan (SP?)  and would I be able to come to Camp Legune NC for his homecoming. Joey has always called me momma when he was excited, ever so loving or touched with issues he didn't quite know how to handle. Momma term for endearment.
I did what any momma would, I drove through the night to be there, making a 4 hour pit stop to sleep in DC, then on down to Camp Legune, NC. Got to the base about 1PM signed in and spent the day milling about 2 bases, got lost on a tar mac  at the artillery/infantry base and then ended up on a golf course at another.

Finally about 6:30 PM we were allowed inot the receiving gym for the homecoming where F&F gathered, made posters, sang, danced, and shared stories of our sons coming home.  A nice little hot dog indoor BBQ, plenty of snacks and hot cocoa or coffee were there to warm us up (it was 17 degrees without the chill factor and wind). About 7:30 PM it was reported that the first wave of flights had landed and FOX company was in the first wave! Yes! Another 3 hours passed and they cleared weapons checks and marched in. Looking for Joey in a crowd of over 1100 MARINES and with my new friends from Lancaster PA we found our sons, a Corporal and my son a Lance CPL. The next 1 1/2 hours were spent retrieveing their gear, dumped one atop the other all looking exactly the same with no more than the little miners headlight you wear on a band around your head to light the way.

A few beers, hugs and crys later we ended up at his home in Holly Ridge, now 1:30AM we talked a bit and shared memories more hugs and tears. Home safe for the time being with all of March off as leave I hope and pray Joey gets the well deserved R&R he is hoping for...

Back in the car and driving home late Sunday in time for Valentine's dinner with my own sweetheart. Very sweet Valentine's Day for BOB and I.

The next day I twisted my ankle as it just went out from under me and then on Thurssday it did it again, this time landing me in the hospital ER. Crutches and to the orthopedic on President Day Monday. Xrays, crutches, pain killers, and back to get a camo boot that goes up to the knee, removable but very restrictive and heavy! 6-8 weeks of this and I might yet end up in a hard cast to boot!

Finishing up 2 doctoral courses one on Saturday one yesterday, and today brain dead but have 5 more papers to finish by Wednesday and that will complete 2 more courses (the IP's I had from the holiday fiasco...) Earned a 99.55 % in one course, 99.81%, 98.02%, and 93.40%.  Today I gave a staff presentation on CCSS (common core state standards) aligning NYS with the district I am a regular sub in for my doctoral internship. I put in over 120 hours of free labor and wowed them with the Powerpoint and handouts. The principal was deeply appreciative of all the work, thought, and details I put into the handouts. Now they have their work cut out for them.... It is nice to see the governemnt trying to do something poisitive with aligning the standards, now if they would just quit taking the funding away....

So sorry of late that I have been MIA, literally.

Will post pictures soon and more poetry. That is another story too, I cancelled the publishing contract due to their fraudulent tactics, ineptness, and constant insistence of calling me MR. in phone conversations or emails. If they could not proper English and grammar in their emails, get my gender right, and the priiicing correct I was nopt going to endear my life's treasures with them for destruction. Happy to say that after 3 months of arguing and I threatening a major lawsuit, class action one too, I finally received all but a $35 cancellation fee back. You just never know who to trust!

I will be back to  regularly PS posting next week and hope to rejoin my tea society friends soon too.

Love you all!


Thought it about time to post a different picture of me old bones! Can't wait to get my hair cut like this again. It grows so fast and short hair is high maintenance but I love it and it's time to cut the locks again!
And since I am wearing HOT PINK... that's one PINK for today!

This is Lilly, my newest great niece! She was born late February to my nephew Ken (Sgt. Army, in Germany) and Ursula (German born) and her big brother Jonathan. She is the perfect picture of pink.

This is the lovely family soon to be coming stateside we hope this summer.

Okay botanists.. is this pink  lotus bud just perfect?

These lovelies are to die for and can be found on Macy's online!

Or how 'bout stepping out in these hotties?!

                                                                   Funky huh?
I have a pale pink oversized ruffle trimmed purse that matches the.Too bad I broke my ankle it will be awhile before wearing these lovelies again.!

Get Pinked!
Pink shoes, pink dress, Pink saturday night...
Pink surrounds me and brings me delight!
Pink in the sky on every new dawn
Glistening pink sunbeams while I simply yawn.
Pink hues of rainbows and prisms of glass
Pink pearls and lace, and pretty pink glass.
Pink in the hair, pink on my toes
Pink in Paris for Pink fashion shows.
Pink in the gardens where pink tulips grow!
Pink fruit on trees waiting to be plucked
Pink on the highways, cars, buses and trucks!
Pink in my jewelry, pink fine dining wine
Pink pearled candles with pink flames that shine.
Pink grapes cling to the vines all around
Pink baubles and beads on artworks are found.
Pink feathered birds flying high in the sky
Pink here, there, PINK PINK PINK oh my!

Poems My Way - Valrie 03/18/2011

Is this just too cute? That's my Joey, a Marine, LC CPL in Afghanistan with a hedgehog he found and made a pet of for a few hours...

He has been just nearly a month now, went on leave March 1st and has to report back April 1st, no joke. He told me it is Hell over there and 24/7 times 7 months they fought to stay alive. His unit is up for the Presidential Medal of Honor...

Well, back in the grind with my research and papers to write. Projects and interviews, doing a case study today on how adults learn. Please answer these questions.???????????????????????????????????????

How do you learn best?
Are you a self-directed learner, informal learner, incidental learner, accidental learner, lifelong learner?
Do you prefer formal instruction, online, or just wingibng it? Do you enjoy group work or prefer to be a loner?
Please leave a comment they brighten up my day!

Got my refill, keyboard at my fingertips stopping by you to read what was on your lips!

Please link up to Bev, our faithful sponsor and see what's enstore for PINK today!


  1. What a great newsy post! I am glad your brave son is home and hope he is gettng the R&R he so deserves. I hope he knows without his sacrifices we would not be free to do all we love! God Bless him and keep him safe, always!
    PS You look so cute all in pink!

  2. Ooooooh Love the strappy ruffle shoes! A girl can never have enough shoes. So glad your son is home safe & sound but sorry to hear he has to go back. Let's see...I learn best on my own (love to tackle new challenges) I will ask, hunt, search & try until I figure it out. If I have a real stumbling block then I suppose I would search out a class but I don't like group learning. I will always find a new "thing" and learn how to do it. Fun!!
    Licks & Wags, Niki

  3. A beautiful array of pink goodies. Sound like when it rained on you, it poured. We all seem to have those kind of days. Glad you got to see your Joey and trust he gets home safely. Those pink shoes make my feet hurt just looking at them.

  4. A little bit of everything in your blog! The pink baby is perfect and the news of your son very gratifying. I'm a poet too.

  5. So happy you had a good visit with your son...I pray or his safety and for all our men and women serving.
    I learn best by being shown, then doing myself. I am happy to learn alone or in a group. Always learning something new.
    Happy pink Saturday (())

  6. Hi Valrie! I'm so thrilled for you to have your son home safely. He is quite the handsome young man. I'm so proud of our military. Each one of them makes enormous sacrifices every day so that we can lay down our heads in peace at night. They and their families are owed a debt of gratitude. Thank you Joey, to you and all of those like you. I'm sorry to hear about your accident, Valrie. I hope your ankle heals so that you won't have to wear a cast. Thanks so much for visiting my blog, and yes, it's okay if you publish my photo on your blog with a link. I'd be honored. Good luck with your school work and God bless! Terri

  7. Love the pink shoes. Linking over from Pink Saturday.


  8. Oh my, I'm exhausted just reading all of this. Sorry about your ankle, happy about your son, disappointed in the publisher and proud of you. To answer your question I have to write everything out. If I see it in print I seem to retain it. Happy Pink Saturday sweetie.

  9. Valerie, this story just touched me so much. I pray Joey had a good rest and I pray for his safety when he returns to danger again.

    Your pinks are terrific. Love the pink shoes but they are to high for me.
    Wishing you well with your studies. You have a lot on your plate. God bless you.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  10. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Congratulations on your new great niece, she is so cute! Great post.

    ~ Gabriela ~

  11. As a military mom myself (son now in AF reserves and did serve in Afghanistan after 9/11 and Kuwait on another furlough) I teared up ready your wonderful post. Thank God your son is home safe. Cannot even imagine how you have done your studies while your son has been over there. God bless you both and your family. Please tell your son, thank you. My son has always looked up to the Marines bar none so I have a little idea what he went thru over there, with his unit. I pray that all his unit will come home safely. Awesome about your studies. Yes, your pinks are lovely, but I think everyone of only needed the news about Joey to welcome you back, no pinks needed, except perhaps a pink tissue to wipe our eyes with happiness tears.

  12. I hope you've had an absolutely wonderful time with your Joey back, and I'll also bet that he might not have needed that "little miner's lamp"---you could probably have illuminated the entire room with your smile of joy!



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