I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Where is God, I wonder?

Where is God, I Wonder?

Where is God I wonder?
Has He turned His back on mankind?
Did He not promise to not devastate
The earth as in the days of the floods and Noah's Arc?

Are we and his animals no longer worth the care?
Have we cashed in our prayers for the last time?
Each day we awaken to yet another atrocity
Caused not by mankind's hands  or are they?

Do you ponder the bigger thibngs in life?
Do you question why so many inncent must suffer?
Do you lay awake at night questioning what next?
Do you seek vout positive thoughts to change the horror we endure?

Where are YOU God? Why must so many die?
Why do are prayers go unheard?
Why does it seem YOU toy with our lives?
Is it true we are but pawns in the Supreme chest game?

I am saddened today for Japan, I hurt for lost lives...
I weep for the unborn children who die...
I scream for the injustices of this world.
I scoff at the prejudices that cause war and hate.

Yet I am but one woman, what can I do Lord?
Yet I am alone in a sea of sorrowfully shed tears,
Yet before I drown, I pray you heed my call,
Yet again, I listen, but hear no words of comfort.

Yea, verily you say unto us, be patient, the time is near...
Yea verily, I fall to my knees in solemn prayers and weep
I beg of You Lord, stop, the hurt is real, more than can be endured,
I beg of You Lord, show us, NO lead us to Thy wishes, prepare us.

Hear this humble prayer, for I weep and pray for all mankind,
Guide them to Your shining Light, the One and Only.
Bring back the songs of Praise and Glory to Thy name
And remove forever the horrors of this earth, it is in Your power...

Poems My Way - Valrie 03/11/2011 Copyrighted, do not reprint without permission.

I am in awe of the terror and rage that engulfs our world. Please everyone do what you can to make it a better place for you and me and all eternity.

Is there a Heaven to receive us? Will there be a place therein for me? I wonder, where is God?

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  1. Beautiful share, Valrie, may God hold His loving hand over those that are suffering from this devastating event.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day ~
    Have a beautiful weekend ~
    TTFN ~


  2. I regret so many innocent and especially little children have to suffer for our sins. We are being warned. The question is are we listening.

  3. Such a touching and wonderful poem! I love reading it today.

    What are you doing Thursdays? Join Thursday Two Questions meme and see what other bloggers are pondering about. Thursday Two Questions

  4. God is listening... and he has many answers ... letters written to us in the B I B L E
    He's waiting for us to read them.
    Great poem! Great questions.

  5. This is a beautiful poem and a very poignant tribute to the poor people of Japan. You are a very clever person to write this. I can't wait to read more of your thoughts and poems.

    Best wishes and happy week,


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