I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Remember Me

Dear Friends,

I wrote this poem today in first person to speak to you as a fallen hero. I did not serve, but have known many who have and many who have fallen. Their sacrifice was great. My own son returned from Afghanistan February 2011 after more than 7 months of service. Those seven months were Hell for him and me and my family. He is a different man then the one sent over seas. I have many uncles, cousins and nephews who served, friends of mine who died so we and others might live in freedom. y father served as did my brother and brother-in-law David. No one knows what these men and women go through. Remember then this weekend, the fallen heroes.


              Remember Me

I am he who crossed the oceans and fought.
I have stood where battles were lost and won...
I anguished in the deep dark stillness of the night.
I am she who cried when lives were sacrificed.

I am a son or daughter of someone dear who thought
I would return home when all the battles were done.
I am one who fought a fearsome war in dark or light.
I am one on whom the government lost the roll of dice.

I am the unsung hero who trembled deep inside,
I am the soldier who clamored up endless hills.
I am the one whose tears you cannot see.
I am one who others now on this day do mourn.

I am proud I served and chose to not run and hide!
I am he who made a stronger country through my will...
I am not sad I served and died upon a field for thee,
I am proud that for you my life was shorn.

I only ask that you remember me upon this day.
I hope in kind you will lift my family up in prayers.
I know that others suffered even more than I -
I understand the pain that rests within your heart.

I look upon my fellow fallen and hope and pray
I will see they too have climbed up on Heaven's stairs.
I feel the pain and sorrow we left behind and wonder why
I had to die so others would have a brand new start...

I wonder here why mankind, a lesson still is  not learned.
I am frustrated that more lives too will be lost each day.
I have no earthly power to change these things but
I know there are many upon earth that do not choose to...

I wish I could help you see how vent up anger burns -
I pray that I can reach mankind in a pure and holy way...
I grasp and hold on for mankind's sake no matter what -
I know in my heart one day the world will improve for you.

Remember me on Decoration Day, a memorial for all,
Remember to come and write upon our wall of fame.
Remember me and all who died for your glory,
Remember life is sacred and mine was lost so you might live.

Remember me with tears of happiness not in sadness at all...
Remember I died as did thousands of others who before me came.
Remember to hear and then retell my warrior's story.
Remember in the end we all have but one life to give.

Poems My Way ~ Valrie  05/24/2013

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend.



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