I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Some poems I have written recently... I might have posted them before, but am loading them now so in the future I can organize them on my pages.

Have a wonderful week.

All poems are copyrighted, please email me for permission to copy or use. Thanks.
                        Tribute to Dad
By your hands dad I was raised with love;
You gave me strength when I was weak;
Your smile warmed my heart
Your gentle father’s love, unconditional
Encouraged me to reach my goals;
You caught me when I stumbled down.
You instilled in me right from wrong -
Nurtured my faith in God, guiding my path,
Shielding me, from harm’s way throughout my life -
Your love, always the foundation on which I stood.
So many memories I hold within my heart –
The unconditional love you gave to me when needed most -
The trips we took throughout the years, our long talks at night
 When I could not sleep- the challenges met and overcome…
You always knew just what to say, caring and loving-
Yet firm when that was needed too; your eyes filled with love.
I thank you for always loving me… dad, for your belief in me,
For molding me … accepting me, just the way I am -
Now, a new chapter in life begins, I honor your life -
I love you dad and thank you for always loving me-
This is not goodbye dad, rather my song of love
In my heart… where I’ll hold you until we meet again.
Poems My Way – Valrie  04/10/13
 When you are feeling sad and lonely and empty inside
Reach within your heart and our memories do not hide.
When tears overwhelm you and you are falling apart
Think upon the days of when these memories first start.
When you believe you can no longer carry on and withdraw
From life, I beg of you to cast your eyes again on what you saw.
When you know the answers to all that life has to ask
Of you then and only then will this sadness no longer last...
When again you will smile and gladly sing our songs
And walk among the living, hold me in your heart where I belong
When you can release the fears that wake you in the night
You will rejoice in the comfort of knowing I now live in eternal light.
 Poems My Way ~ Valrie
           Tears for Dad
Like the gentle falling rain outside
My tears stream from inside...
A heart broken in deep sorrow
Waiting for you perhaps tomorrow
Will be a better day for me, I'll
Wait, knowing your within Heaven's gate.
I'll close my eyes tonight and sleep
With hopes again one day we'll meet.
Until that day for now I'll rest
For dad 'tis you who knew me best.
I love you now and forever Dad.
Poems My Way - Valrie 04/29/2013

If I could dial direct to Heaven
I know just who I'd call -
So many words left unsaid
Would freely fill the air.

If I could have one chance again
To catch you from a fall
And tuck you in your bed
To tell you I love you and care...

If I could see the smile upon your
Face, the gleam in your blue eyes
And hold your hand once more,
I would give it all to be with you.

If I could change my saddened world -
I would take away the tears I cry
That flood my bedroom floor...
Yet God does see me through

If I could see you dance and twirl -
My heart's sorrow would lift a bit,
Enough to live another day alone
And have peace within my soul.

If I could do this for daddy's little girl
The sky with stars would be lit.
I returning to my thoughts and home
Yet now my heartstrings just pull.

Poems My Way - Valrie 05/01/2013


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