I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


What BUGS you?

Pink bugs bug me unless they are on four wheels....

                                                        Are you Pink Bug friendly?
This is more my idea of a PINK BUG!

Once again the lovely bloggers over at Bev's How Sweet The Sound take my breath away. Soon we celebrate our PINK SATURDAYS birthday... come see! I will have a very special post next week to honor BEV and all my PINK friends so join as a follower and enter to win my PINK SATURDAYS BIRTHDAY giveaway!!

                                       Pink LINKS with BEV at How Sweet The Sound

Please consider donating to The Relay for Life. I am walking the survivor's lap this MAY! Would love to have you on my VIRTUAL TEAM! Email me here to donate and details!!!!

                                  Want to see a pretty PINK VINTAGE Dress I found?

                               This beautiful PINK calico ensemble can be purchased at Recollections.

                                 And of course what is a beautiful dress without the right jewelry?

                                 I am planning a big PINK java day next weekend for sure!

                              Can I call on you to join in the fun with me and everyone?

                                                        Perhaps you'll have a pink tea with me?

                                                           Or spend it sending out PINK HUGS!
Whatever you do with the rest of your day... please send your comments my way as they will really brighten up my days!

                                                  PINK Loving Thoughts go out to all my PS friends!!!

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  1. Enjoyed visiting your blog and seeing the neat pinks. You sound like a busy lady.


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