I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day! Where would we be without JESUS?

In remembrance of all the men and women who have fought, lived through or sacrificed their lives so we may live, PLEASE honor them today with remembrance of the sacrifices they and their families have made. Fly your flags proudly and know that to be an American is to live free!

       Where Would We Be Without Jesus?

Where would we be without Jesus in our lives?
How would we live and care for each other?
Would we shed tears of sorrow
Wait with anxiety until the tomorrows
Of our lives passed us by?
Would we weep and sob of years gone by?
Would the crimes of war haunt us any more?
How would we live without Jesus in our lives?

What woul;d you do if your son was sent abroad?
Would you die a thousand deaths whikle waiting?
Or worse if your daughter or son did not return?
How would you live without the sacrifice Jesus made?
Could you carry on once more or would you die inside?
How can we continue to live without Jesus each day?
What will it take to make the world finally see
That without Him there is no lifewithoput Jesus in our lives?

When will we realize that crimes of the past still
Are those of the future, and lern from others' mistakes?
Where do we go to find Jesus in our lives, and not be alone?
How do I reach out and touch the ones I lost and protect
The ones I hold dear to my heart from acts of war?
Will we ever lay beyond the reach of terrorists?
When does enough finally come and peace reign the earth -
When will we all live with Jesus in our lives?

What do you pray for at the rising of the sun?
How do you wrap your day's end, in prayer?
Is it hemmed with the love of Jesus and cries for peace?
Or do you unmask more sins of the fathers on our youth -
Do you project blame upon the innocent and strip
Women and children of their families and men too?
Do you see deliverance from crimes of hate and war?
Do you really desire to have Jesus in your lives?

When will you fall on bet knees and say your prayers?
Have you given thanks to those left overseas?
It is but a matter of time that Holy wars devour all
And our soil is attacked because we have warred
And because we have protected others,  who
Who will protect us without the love of Jesus?
Will we bare the test of time or lose it all?
Is there life without Jesus in our lives?

Poems My Way Valrie 05/30/2011

Happy Memorial Day!


Sunday, May 15, 2011


What BUGS you?

Pink bugs bug me unless they are on four wheels....

                                                        Are you Pink Bug friendly?
This is more my idea of a PINK BUG!

Once again the lovely bloggers over at Bev's How Sweet The Sound take my breath away. Soon we celebrate our PINK SATURDAYS birthday... come see! I will have a very special post next week to honor BEV and all my PINK friends so join as a follower and enter to win my PINK SATURDAYS BIRTHDAY giveaway!!

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                                                  PINK Loving Thoughts go out to all my PS friends!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

To MOM with Love!

             MOM, I Love You!

Have you ever wondered where the beauty inside you came?
Do you remember the first person who held you, spoke your name?
I am pretty sure it was you MOM, nuzzling me, a newborn
On a hot summer's day, Wednesday child, full of joy?
So many memories flood my mind, as a pool of tears
Runs down my own motherly cheeks and collects
The years gone by once more and I still remember
The day I too became a MOM, and turned to you...
Guidance sometimes, though distance far between us
Might have kept warm embraces yet in heart and mind
You were and are still always with me, to rock away my tears
And fill an empty heart with hope once more, each day...
How great a MOM  were you, a family of we six siblings
Always underfoot, scrapping, playing, jumping monkies
On our little twin beds, sleigh rides on cardboard in Spring
On the morning dews wet glossy fields of grass that rolled
Into our backyard, the smell of snickerdoodles baking
Or that chocolate mayo cake in a pan, and homemade!
And that walk to the bus on the first day of school
And I came home singing a new song much to your demise
No honey Popeye does not live in a garbage can
And you can't sing about him being a naked man any more..
That summer when the three of us bed ladened with pneumonia
And we all missed the World's fair in a place called NYC.
Our camping trips that began with me in brownies and
Went on for years and years, our summers packed with fun.
How proud you were of me when I received my first trophy
Upon that stage in second grade and we two  shared
Our love of poetry. So wise a MOM there ever was is she -
The gentle and firm ways you had with us, and humor
Filled our lives - even when the tempest stormed, or complaints
Ran rapid from our sassy mouths, yet we knew we were loved.
Those crazy car trips for 12 hours straight down to the Carolina shores
And visits with our cousins as we played upon the sandy beach
In April and thought that it was warm, little did we know...
Your strictness came with discipline and expectations galore
And I strived to make you proud of me in all that I would do -
For you dear MOM are the most special woman to me -
My life would not be the same had to another I been given
The choice was God's and He knew just what I needed- YOU
MOM, I hope you are smiling down on me and tears are not shed -
For MOM I'll make more mistakes and learn from them, growing
Every day to the understnading of how to mend my ways -
Improving my life, and loving too unconditionally my own
Children, for little of you first hand did they know before you
Were Heaven sent, but trust me, they know you through my memories
Held fast inside my heart and once locked, now opened with a key
Of kindred spirits that float along the way, stopping now and then
To reflect upon our lives and knowing how and when to believe
In a better way of life. The legacy you left behind grows richer
Every year as we expnd our families with your great grandchildren
Oh how we wish your laughter they could hear and feel the love
You gave to us, through us they do, and photos rest upon
The stands and dressers lace dollies underneath, remembrance
Of the one who first carried us within, loving us to the end...
MOM I miss you so and just want to let you know, alhough
At times we disagreed you filled my life with glee, I'll always
Hold you in my heart and though tears fall, throughout eternity.

In Loving memory of MOM

Poems My Way - Valrie 5/08/2011

                       Please share with me your favorite memories of your MOMS!!!

This is my beautiful MOM, an angel in Heaven now 22 years and here she was just about 22 years of age, in loving memory MOM!

Now this would be me, is there a resemblance?

And this is my beautiful daughter Jenni, and she doesn't think she looks like her mom or grandma?
What do you think!?
The lovely little daughter who first made me a MOM, my Jenni! (26) Soon to be 27 and is earning honors in her veternarian doctor's academic career...

Jenni & Joey  May 2010

My gorgeous son Joey, 23,  last August 2010, the night he left for Afghanistan as a Marine....
Yes, he is home now and as a MOM I couldn't be prouder of the life he has chosen!
                     CARMEL, My loving four pawed kitty (He really thinks I am his mommy!)
Linking up to Bev at How Sweet The Sound HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY! and all my PINK SATURDAY FRIENDS!

I work all day and night today, so wherever you are JENNI & JOEY thanks for being my children and loving me both on my good days as well as the not so good days!
I will always be your MOM!

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Please leave a comment and share your facvorite memories with me of your MOMS!

                                      Sending you MOMS my PINK SATURDAY HUGS!

Off to work today no time to play. I will be at the computer tonight though to read all the lovely PINKS!

All of you are so VERY dear to my HEART! Thanks for being my blogginf frinds!
Don't forget to leave a comment and share a mother's memory with us!

 I pray that God's blessings grace each of us and our memories of our MOMS and being a mom!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Showers Bring May Flowers

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Looking out my windowpane I see
The little robin bobbing for his worm
I hear birdsongs fill the air with glee
As flocks, once more, return home.

The velvety grass ticking my toes
As I walk barefoot and chase
Spring's first baby butterfly and choose
To let her escape my net with grace -

The garden tended with e'er so much care
The thistles and the buttercups are wild
But just as dainty, perhaps will fair
Better than the ones hands have toiled...

The sweet fragrance of magnolias
Spray across the sky and Easter lillies
Now become a memory, regalia
Foregone and the pathway filled for miles -

With violets and forsythia, daisies too
Oh what beauty amounts beneath the blue
Skies and puffy marshmallow clouds, you
Can't help but wonder but 'tis true -

Our Heavenly wonders bestowed on earth
The journeys of our youth reach far
Beyond the wisdom of the myrth
Brought to our Holy King and the stars

Now guide us and light the way
From the darkness of each night
Into the beauty of each new day
With rays of happiness shining bright -

The junipers ladened with fresh greens
The ponds rippling with bellowings
Of bullfrogs and the proud bees, queens
Pollinate the flowers and honey sucklings

Complete the cycle of nature once more
Each tiny being or plant a purpose serves
Adorn our tablescapes, hung upon doors
The lavender scent to relax wrought nerves.

In all the glory of Spring new hope is born
The cycle of Life renews our faith to Thee
We wash away the sins, for they are shorn
By the blood of Christ sacrifice, painfully -

We bear the loss with you yet cannot understand
How great He suffers still for in His death
There yet remains the inhumanity of man
I pause and stop to cry, refill an empty breast

For in Spring all is fresh and cleanliness prevails
I so enjoy the melodies of songs between
The creatures of the day and night, oceans' whales
With songs for miles heard, the winds and their gales

My yard bedecked with daffodills
Its banks lined with pink hyacinths
And the short lived pale jonquils
First to burst through with their scents

A myriad of colors will soon fill the beds
As flowers in their blooms spurt forth
A sea of wondrous glory, spring fed
Waters graced by God's kind earth

Tend the gardens in the night
Basked in a warming sun by day
Ah but for the Showers of April
Would there not be theflowers of May!

Poems My Way -Valrie 04/30/2011

Beautiful outside, a bit chilly but I do have jonquils, daffodills, and hyacinths to appreciate, and so many birds are tweeting aloud their songs of spring.

            Pink hyacinths are e'er so sweet to smell in the dew of the morning sunrise.
Sending out PINK beary hugs to all my PS friends!

                                                       REMEMBER GOD LOVES YOU!
May your PINK Saturday be filled with the lovely bloggers you may see. Link up to Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for more posts!

                                                    Make it a PINK SATURDAY!


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Off to the keypad for an hour to see my PS friends, then to work, home at 5:30 and a night of writing my ffriends!

                                                              Remember God Loves You!

Love to read your comments, they shine upon my day!

                                    Please respect copyrights of original art and poems!