I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Monday, July 5, 2010

A Day of Love, Tears, & Thankfulness!

I am thankful today for my life. I was spared yesterday from a horrible tragedy. A tire blew up on my car on a major route in Coooerstown NY on a blind curve. Luckily I was traveling 35 milkes an hour instead of gthe recommended 55. I knew the road had a blind curve and being a holiday with many toiurist I wanted to take no chances. Well, I thought it was the end. The tire flew 300 yards down the road. Witnessses told the troopers they saw it fly into the air and then down the road. The guardrails were the steel cable kind, three tiers. As I tried to maintain control, I steered into them to avert oncoming traffic on thid busy road. I did not want to inkure anyone. The car dragged along them, caught between them, unable to break free. The cables began stretching upo over the car, wrapped around the passenger side windows, went up over the wndshield, and started to come back down, it crushed the windshiled and began to shatter, glass was all over me. Then the windshield began to buckle in, and I saw the cables coming towards my throat. All I could think of was the song "Jesus take the wheel" and he must haave, because I am alive. I hurt like crazy, all soft tissue damage. The car was  then whipped around perpendicular to the guardrails and blocked one lane of the highway. The entire right front side of the car was torn off, the wheel well, gone, the headlight dragged and wrapped in the cables. The frwme is bent, even the driver's door would not open. I di not want to go to the hospital but the EMT gave me no choice.

 I do not remember how I called for help, there were some very sweet young men who stopped and helped, made sure I didn't get out... neighbors called 911 and within 5 minutes the state troopers and EMT were there. I do not know waht I am going to do now. I had no collision on the car. Remember I am just starting my life over after having lost everything a year ago. AllI could afford was liability on the car and the mandatorry PIP. I need a miracle to get a car so I can keep this new job tht took me a year to get! Please pray for me.

Again my ever loving sister and brotherinlaw came to my rescue. They are truly God's angels on earth. I have an apartment to pay for, insurance, now more medical bills and physical therapy. And desperately need a car. It's easy to focus on the bad, but the good is I am alive and am soon on my way to Binghamton area to see Joey, my MARINE son. I am giving him a BBQ send off today as he deploys to Afghanistan soon. Vanessa, David, and I worked liked maniacs after I got out of the hospital from 6PM until 10:30PM. Hopefully all will go well. They are taking me down, and my sweetheart BOB is coming after he gets his dad up and ready for the day. He will bring my brotherinlaw home early, as he has to get on the road (long haul trucker) and sweet angelic Vanessa is staying later with me so I can spend some more timne with Joey.

Why Lord, why now again
when my life was looking up
does this adversity transpire?

What have I done Lord?
Is the challenge so great,
The battle of the twix?

Is evil going to win?
How do I protect myself
From ill will once more?

How do I not succumb
To the throes of depression,
Anxiety, despair, hopelessness?

Will you carry me Lord?
Once more I humble myself
To you and am thankful to live.

I only need an answer Lord...
When does it all end
And when does life begin?

Am I building a house with you Lord?
Will I have a place in your kingdom?
So many times I've neared the gates...

Is it not time to enter in?
What work have you in store
That I was spared once more?

What is my destiny?
What  is my purpose?
Why do I live?

Will you answer me Lord?
Will you love me Lord?
Will you forgive my sins?

I am yours Lord, before all...
I will heed your call Lord.
To you Lord, I surrender all.
Poems My Way - Valrie 07/05/2010

You just never know when life ends...

Goodbye sweet car, my Buick Century saved my life along with my defensive driving skills, or so the troopers told me...

God bless you all for being my friends and I need you all more now than ever.

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