I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pitching Pink

              Here are  the latest Scoops of my LIFE!!!! Read on to double or triple dip and more!!!

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                                    Pitching Pink for the Red White & Blue

This weekend I celebrate our fight of freedom and to live free. There are so many reasons we have to be thankful to live in the land of the brave and the free. Here is one of them. This is Joey, and Renee, his fiance whom I adore and am so glad to have her joining my family next April after Joey's tour is up!

He is my Marine, a Lance Corporal in the US MArines, just back to NC from his desert training before deployment to Afghanistan in a week or so... you know the military, dates are always in flux.

He is coming in town today from his leave to spend a few days with friends and family before he goes to fight for the rights of others. I am so thankful to have this son in my life. We lost his father 8 years ago right on Memorial Day. Now, this Independence Day marks the day for life of his send off. I am baking up a storm of cookies and an awesome cake in his honor. I'll post those sometime during the week.

Another reason we have to be thankful to live in the USA is Lydia, my newborn grandniece. We can have as many children as we want because we live in America. Not so in China and other countries. Not too pink but pink enough, and my she has a set of lungs for 5lbs 6 oz.! She is precious. I love her!

Wait, run that by me once more, you want me to do what?              No way, I'll scream!

Remember I told you Carmel ran away? After 3 weeks I gave him over to God, prayed for his safety. Guess what...YES he's back and right now I am hiding him in my apartment. After 3 weeks of being a ragamuffin. not too much for the ware he is home with me and purrring up a storm. God is good!

He has to check everything out and I mean everything!

His little pink ears and pink nose brightened my day on Thursday when my sis called and said your ragamuffin is home and he's searching the house looking for you! CARMEL, thank you sweetie for making my eyes PINK with tears of happiness!!!

I would love to have more time to blog pink, but have so much to do today through Monday. Started a new literacy position with BOCES working with Migrant workers in upstate NEW YORK, so have 29 lesson plans to do by Tuesday!. Have tons of cookies to bake, salads, speidies, and a cake to be baked and decorated. Two new courses started on Thursday, so 2 papers due too. Got a 98% in my doctoral Critcal Anaysis course. WHEEEEE! And then the normal clean, groceries, laundry... etc.

So by the end of the weekend my feet, fingers and eyes will be pink. (tears of goodbye for Joey).

Please pray for his safety and of all our men and women who fight for our lives and freedom!

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On the go all weekend!


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  1. Hi Valrie, I became a follower so only 22 more to go! Looks like we have lots in common. My daughter (oldest of 3 girls) & son in law are both in the Army and at the moment based out of NC. Loved your post. Check mine out and you will see what I mean about things in common (would love to reach 100 some day myself) Happy Happy 4th! Your brave Marine will be in my thoughts. Niki♥


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