I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Saturday, October 9, 2010



DO you know that more men are being diagnosed with breast cancer than ever before? This week at the college where I teach the nursing department sponsored a bulletin board on breast cancer awareness (and of course I had my Mary Kay cards there to help raise money for Breast Cancer Research for the Mary Kay Ash Foundation. What I learned was shocking! Please forgive me if my pictures alarm you, but they re intended to INFORM you! The silent sleeper kills more than we realize! Here's the scoop!

BREAST CANCER is deadly and often a silent killer, it effects both MEN and Women.  Many websites offer  the symptoms and what to look for and how to perform your own breast examine in the shower. You should do this weekly! Visit any of these sites to offer you help, advice, grants and  to give charitable donations to help find the CURE for the CAUSE!

Many of my followers may have read my own personal story. After more than 20 years of complaining to doctors I finally got one to listen and yes I had a lumpectomy. I consider myself exremely lucky, I know an angel was watching over me! Without a great deal of fight in me to survive I might not be here today! My angel is my mother! She died 22 years ago at the age of 62, to cancer, melanoma that spread internally. I have no digital picture of her to upload but believe me she is an angel!

            Take Time To Care!

 There are angels among us watching and caring
 Ones who are there in the dark of the night,
 Giving their love, their guidance, and hugs
 Holding us close when the tears overflow...
 Whispering softly into our ears, drying our tears
                                  Angels from Heaven and footprints in the sand
                                  Loving and cared for, not by MAN, but God.
                                  Soothing the heartache and heartbreaks of life
                                  Shadows cease that danced through our minds,
                                  No longer muddled, confused, and distressed...
                                  The anger resides and we fight from within,
                                  Sisters united, all for one cause, to be sure - 
                                  Answers untold that only God holds, tomorrow
                                  Is a gift that we each want to hold. The days
                                  Do not drift gently by, we laugh and weep some die..
                                  Prayers lift us up into God's arms we shall be,
                                  Many a reason we have to want to live,
                                  Our children, our loved ones,  our spirit
                                  If but one life I can change with awareness today,
                                  Then I will rest when it is my day to join GOD
                                  And the angels watching over me still,
                                  Sisters in FAITH, do what you WILL,
                                  But WILL yourself to live and be blessed!
                                  Each day I live to the fullest without regrets,
                                  Thanking God for another day spared,
                                  A day to remember those whom I love,
                                  Another chance to spread the word,
                                  Believe in miracles, they are among us, I am one.

                                       Poems My Way Valrie 10/09/2010

PLEASE check yourself regulary, at least ONCE a week. If you have pain let your doctor know. Color change, lumps, cystitis, rashes, are ALL signs of cancer! It only takes a minute and it just might SAVE your life!   
 These are 2 reasons for me to live on and continue breast cancer awareness! My daughter JENNI and her fiance MIKEY. DId you know because I have the history, she is more likely to also be effected! I plan on being here to make her aware!
 My beautiful daughter Jenni, 26 a veternarian student in TX and her brother, Joey, 23 a Lance Corporal Marine serving in Afghanistan!
 My gorgeous son and his beautiful fiance Renee to be married Mother's Day weekend 2011!
 My son Lance Corporal Joseph D. Hranek on the night he was deployed this July, please PRAY for him!
 Joey & Renee, the first time I met her was this past December after my recuperating from a serious illness and relapse of depression and severe spinal pain, and fibromylagia.
 I am standing by, near my phone, answering calls about CANS FOR COOKIES US TROOPS. The phone has been ringing non-stop! Have you volunteered yet to bake or send cookies overseas or here stateside?
EMAIL ME HERE and visit here to LEARN all about it! Add your loved ones to the mailing list! I have linked up locally with the ARMORY in UTICA NY and stay tuned for details on our HUGE event November 5th!

 On the go soon,  rescuing my sanity, got to go buy some COFFEE BEANS, I wonder if they have any in PINK! PLEASE consider my Mary Kay fundraiser for Breast Cancer research!
 I bearly get through the day without my JAVA beans, SUMATRA is my favorite ever!
This month, as it is BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH, I personally donate 20% of all my sales to the MARY KAY ASH BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION. I have reached $110.00 in donations and would love to increase it to at least $500! Maybe you might help out, and do some holiday shopping, in turn donating to the CAUSE for the CURE!

I live in a world of PINK!!!!
Enter today and have your chance to win a PINK GLAMOUR COMPACT!!! JUST leave a comment and your email so I can contact you when you win!!!!




This was my first major event after having had my lumpectomy and recovering from severe depression in 2006. I was a SAPPHIRE STAR ACHIEVER my first quarter back in the business and my NSD took us out on the town, putting on the GLITZ!

THE man who has put the LIFE back into my LIFE! My one and only BOB! I love you!!!!

EACH week BEV  at How Sweet The Sound asks us to try and feature a fellow blogger! I found The Painted Garden last Saturday
through her lovely comment to me, I visited back, and she also won the giveaway last weekend! Waiting to hear from YOU so I can mail you your fabulous gift!
Have a PINK HEART and donate somewhere today! HELP us find the cure for the deadliest disease and PLEASE have a yearly mammogram if you are 40 or older!

Be sure to visit dear sweet BEV over at How Sweet The Sound and meet more sweet bloggers!

May God Bless you and Keep you safe from HARM.

               Remember to LIVE, LAUGH, & LOVE YOURSELF SO OTHER MIGHT ALSO!


  1. What a wonderful post! Thanks for all of the information. I will certainly pray for you son and please send my thanks for his service! I will look into the cookies. Also, to answer your question, yes, I believe that you can pick up some pink bubble wrap at any Walmart.

    Pink Hugs,

  2. love your post! very touching! i will definitely be praying for your son! I love that you are spreading the word about Cans for Cookies!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. Hi Valrie,

    Thank you for another inspirational and beautifully written post on breast cancer awareness. Thank you for featuring my blog on your post - on my goodness - how exciting to hear that I won your giveaway. I will send you my address.

    Have a lovely day.

  4. Hi Valrie,

    Thank you for another inspirational and beautifully written post on breast cancer awareness.
    Thank you for featuring my blog on your lovely post - oh - my goodness - I am thrilled to hear that I also won your giveaway. I will send you my address.
    Have a wonderful week.

  5. Hello, I'm still making my PinkSaturday visits. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment. Your post is just beautiful!
    Prayers to all your family in the military!
    Blessings, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage


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