I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pink Hats are there any PINK Horses?

I am honoring history today with this lovely rendition of exotic elegance worn by a famous model for England's 300th celebration  of The Royal Ascot of horse racing. Please visit here for my info on the celebration and to view the model displaying the amazing balancing act.

Also in honor of father's day I am sharing the PINKNESS of my heart with you and the special love my father AKA daddy, have always had with each other.

Daddy, Because of You!

Daddy, I wonder if that was my first word,
Probably and with the pinkness of a newborn's lips
And the gentle innoncence of a newborn babe,
Our eternal love and understanding has sprouted
Far beyond the realm of anyone's understanding...
We can still look inside each other's eyes
And know what lies inside the other's heart...
A lifetime of memories shared, some good some sad
Others we both would like to forget and some
Will never be forgotten and those which
Deserve not to be forgiven as well...
How does a daughter honor her father?
What can I do to let you know how dear you are to me
Daddy, do you already know?
You taught me how to swing a bat, ride a trike...
And laughable you taught me how to fish, to swim,
To dig ditches and mow a yard and be a tomboy.
Then as those years went by, you began to seee the woman
I would become and instilled in me the values of life -
You had hopes for me that are still being realized.
Many sorrows and losses you alsos shared with me.
Days I would have never gotten through without
Your love and your being by my side whenever I needed
You -  daddy you were always there and still are.
With tears you cradled me as a newborn I am sure.
New tears came with childhood illnesses that caused us pain,
Yet I never doubted that because of you I'd get through it all.
As a woman yor smiled with pride each time I graduated with a higher degree
And wept with me when the doctorate of hard knocks bore me down.
Funny how I remember more the days of yore when I was young
Filled with life and so heartedly carefree.
Daddy, silence sometimes spoke more than words and I knew
At once when I did meet your chagrin and it motivated me
To do better and become the woman of my dreams.
In my middle years now I stand alone, a mother of two
A daughter and then a son, two beautiful gems -
Blessings from God, we shared such a short time with mom
And now with you and the beautiful woman they know as grandma DeeDee.
Oh the tears we have shed, the places we have gone and things we have done -
Yet to this day my happiest times are those late night talks we had
As a young teenager growing up and you'd come home from a long day,
Having been on the road all day, tired, and share your day with me,
As I stared wide-eyed back at you deprived of sleep -
Insominiacs that we both are. Those cups of tea and cookies
Or small bowls of our favorite maple walnut ice cream
Will always mean so much to me...
But first and foremost daddy,
That you always believe in me
And tell me to follow my dreams
When they fail, giving me
Encouragement to "get back up on that horse
By my bootstraps" and try until I do succeed -
Will forever remain in my heart.
Daddy, because of you
I have faith in myself
And hope to never let you down.
Happy Father's Day - Daddy
I love you.

Poems My Way - Valrie 06/18/2011
My daddy and 2nd mom 'Grandma Dee Dee' in the lovely lilac dress  and daddy in the grey suit.
The beautiful bride and groom are my nephew and his lovely wife celebrating their FIRST anniversary on Father's Day. Me in the black dress behind daddy and most of my siblings.

                                  Dad's little girl, little girl, Jenni,  lives in TX grandchild # 9 I think and Joey # 11 I think....lives in NC off base, USMC...
 Jenni and Joey celebrating her birthday and getting ready to say goodbye to Joey being deployed last Fall.
                                                      Jenni and her significant other Mikey!
Me and Jenni horsing around!
Joey just back this February from 7 months in Afghanistan, our PROUD MARINE in NC!
These children are my legacy as much as is they are grandpa as without grandpa none of us would be here!

My kids lost their own daddy May 28th, 2002. I lost all my posessions when ill and have no pictures of them were their own daddy to share with you. Treasure your memories and keepsakes for they can never be replaced!

Hope your PINK SATURDAY is filled with PINKS and that you also have a beautiful Father's Day!

Love you all!

                                           Sending great beary PINK hugs out today!
About to take a long break and visit you now, then back on the computer to type out papers galore, nearing the end of 2  more courses towards my  doctoral degree!

Don't forget to link up with BEV at How Sweet the Sound and share in all the glorious PINKS!


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