I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

911 A Day of Solace and Remembrance

                   Land of the Brave, Land of The Free, In God We Trust To Eternity!

               911 A Memorial Post and Tribute to Our Heroes, Victims,  & Loved Ones

On this  day more than any,  I reflect, weep, pray, and weep some more over the senseless loss of lives from 9/11/01.

Did you know.....many people jumped hand in hand instead of being engulfed in flames? Did you now others were thrown from the windows by mere force of explosions?  Can you believe Mayor Bloomberg excluded first responders such as firefighters from today's ceremonies?

I remember vividly this day in history. I taught at Montgomery Village Middle School, on relocation site at Tilden Lane, MD, minutes from The Pentagon. A day of terrorists attacks on the sanctity of innocent lives. We amassed to protect our children, the school in total locked down. The sky outside blackened not only from the smoke of the assault on our Pentagon, yet too filled with air responders, vipers, helicopters, it became more famous of a day than the Ride of Paul Revere, for truly this attack resonated the world over.

Please join me in solemn prayer and remember those whose lives were lost that day and others whose lives would be changed forever...

A serene tribute to these brave souls may they all rest in peace...

These people were not suicide victims THEY WERE VICTIMS, period, and in knowing they were going to die, they chose HOW to die. I do not see them as any less than human heroes who dealt with the tragedy they were thrown into by terrorists. Ten years later has anything changed? YES we harden our hearts and stand braver and taller as a country defying the odds YET still allowing these terrorists to have their dominion over us. STAND up AMERICANS, STAND UP for what we ARE and do NOT allow terrorists to take hold of our lives! Our soldiers, our firefighter, police, first responders, all HEROES, all unified as one. Rescuing some and never giving up hope that others would be found. This is my tribute to our Fallen and living heroes. I weep in knowing friends and family members were lost this day and some never  being able to or saying good-bye.

                Our Heroes 9/11 Remembered...

In sorrow we stood by and watched the towers fall,
Who knew that as they fell so did many Americans?
How would you have coped, plummet to death
Or burn in the flames of the suicide air plane bombers?

On the shore of disaster our tears flooded the parameters
But were not enough to squelch the erupting flames of terror
As they spread among the twins, engulfing destroying all...
One by one and side by side both humans and towers fell.

The heartbeat of America fallen, the culprits claiming victory
In falsehood for as a nation the moral fiber of our heroes
Shined through the Hell created on earth by terrorists
I only pray that the wrath of God burns eternally for them -

As the towers emploded, so did bodies trapped by flames
Or crushed as they bravely dove out windows, some blasted
Out by the force of flames and eruptions claiming their lives,
Hand in hand many joined and together faced  their reality of death.

Innocent victims of such repulsive terrorism aimed only to insult
Degrade and demoralize our men and women and yes our children.
Yet Americans were not  the only injured or deceased, but still
Who came to us in our time of need in numbers other than Americans?

We are such a proud country YET still young, our birth so new
Compared to those of The Holy Wars, centuries of hate and anger
Aroused in them the audacity to strike the land of Liberty, the land of the free
How dare they, because they could and who enabled them, not us?

Ah but were you to truly know the hidden truths, I dare to say
Our government would change, yor anger unfold on them,
Not just the terrorists but the follies of politicians misled
By trust they placed, and bargains made, alas the price was paid.

A cleansing of this wave of terrorism yet awaits the world -
The wrath of God one day soon will unfold and lile our flag
Unfurled with  a gust of pride and woes so strong that not
Even the shot heard around the world of colonial time

Will compare to the rage and rampage once unleashed by God
Upon His earth, will the rapture come to Thee and cleanse
The slime and unserving souls, casting them in the pits of Hell,
It will come, not IF my friend, yes indeed BUT when?

In solemn wait time fall upon your knees and ask for Grace,
Keep your fith and renew it every day,  hold fast to Hope,
Place your efforts on rebulding the values upon which we were built
Rebuild The Towers, refuse the sacred burial ground to a foreign temple be -

Amass my friends in numbers and turn your face to God, time is near,
It is upon us, and the toils of the earth shall soon fade, will you?
Are you able to turn to God and plead for mercy, renew your
Vows of dedication, commit to a world without sin and begin?

Begin to build a world without terror, a world with ONE God,
Put back in print the oaths that minorities deplete, omit and negate.
You cannot negate what IS and God IS in control, the one true
Deity, The Father, Son and Holy Spirit forever and EVER AMEN!

Poems My Way - Valrie 09/08/2011

My son ia a Marine Lance Corporal, and just this past February returned home safe in body from serving 7 months abroad in Afghanistan. Those 7 months were Hell on earth for me and my family as we rarely heard from him. The senseless war on terrorism continues to claim  the lives of so many innocents.  Each time the phone rang in the wee hours of the morning I trembled fearful to answer it. Joey came home in one piece and has talked very little about those 7 months except to say it was 24/7 fight for your life, act, not think and having seen and done things he never thought he would have to do and all because of a war on terrorists and lithium for batteries.

 The night Joey was deployed to North Marja Afghanistan, now serving at Camp Leguene, NC. May his last year of service keep him on the homeland and safe.

Please honor all the brave men and women who served are serving and the loved ones and their families. I have many friends who were there at ground zero, my dear friend Leno, an EMT first responder who relates the horror and the reality of this event that affected not only the USA but also the entire world.

Stand Up! Stand up for freedom and liberty and let the bell of freedom resonate forever in the ears of our aggressors that we as a nation stand undivided and will not relent until justice is served!

Be blessed and thankful that you are alive today. Love your children and your parents, your siblings, your friends, and too pray for the enemies to cease and desist. The war on terror will never end as long as the uneducated masses of the world are swayed with false beliefs, false religion and politicians that lie and do not deliver. Most of all as a single person STAND UP and make your voice be heard, your vote count. Become a change agent and plan with us a strong nation to achieve world peace in our lifetime.

Remember GOD loves you.

Fill your heart with love, live each day as if it were your last for we know not what tomorrow brings.

                            May God's angels watch over us all and keep us safe!
                                                Be blessed and know that God has a plan...

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  1. God bless you and your family. Please thank your son for his service to my country.


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