I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A tribute from me a mother, sister, daughter,educator, and friend; supporter of Peace, Justice and Liberty!

 Today I helped my church by making three floral arrrangements and baking up a storm of delectable sweets and treats for the memorial service and coffee hour. Here are a few pics to share with you.
 A white confetti cake with almond buttercream frostening... chocloate cupcakes and strawberry cupcakes, nearly 6 dozen were eaten in addition to the cake... yummy!

                                                     Forever America Remembers  9 - 11
 A solemn day filled with prayers and memories, well spent time with my new friends at church.
I did the remembrance walk and attended the town ceremonies. Ou town  fire department received an artifact from the Trade Towers, not sure how I feel about that, but it was nice jus the same. Several politicians attended and spoke at the local memorial service as well as walked in the memorial walk... While in process all the firefighters of three towns were called into action for a fire.. doing what all first responders do... please pause and say a prayer for all those whose lives were touched
by 911.

I cherish my family and children and am blessed to be their mother, daughter, or sister.

                                                                My first born Jenni...
                                           Jenni and her brother Joey  USMC (Lance Cpl Hranek)
 Jenni and her loving boyfriend retired Army...
 Lance CPl Joseph Hranek on the night deployed July 2010 to Afghanistan...
                                            The going awy party for our GI Joe...y!
 Oops can't delete this for some reason, another look at Lance Cpl Hranek...
 In the midst of war and terror, a brief moment of laughtrer, Joey found a hedgehog which quickly became a temporary pet and mascot....

 Prayers to all on this solemn day, may we move forward and feel God's love.

 As the sun sets today, pause and bask in teh glory of God's world, and know that He is with us...

                                                              Make it a powerful day!

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