I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Somewhere is there Love?

Somewhere Is There Love For ME?

Somehwere is there Love for me?
WillI e'er have that which others hold?
How will find what I cannot see?
How do I listen to what I am told?

What can I do to change my life?
When will  inner peace and happiness come?
Is there a way to remove me from  all strife?
How do I start over, and lose what e'er I suufer from?

Why most I feel I toil so all the days?
What might I learn that I have not heard?
How will I know when I am being played?
Is there but One supreme voice, One word?

Where shall I go to seek comfort?
How do I journey to this mysterical place?
How do I leave behind the deceiving cohorts?
Shall I ever know Truth or God's face?

Is there a place for me in His Heaven?
Will the Kingdom e'er to receive one as me?
Might I kinow when to stop and how to anew begin?
Why am I locked in dark chambers and not free?

How does EVIL present itself so often in my world?
Does it matter not that I fraily walk among life?
Is there sanctuary for all that makes me cry and curdle?
Is there no man for me to become his wife?

Am I to be only the bride for One such as Christ?
I am unholy and deflowered by my wandering?
Can I be cleansed and made whole, freed of device?
Or do I remain banished, lost, and staggering?

In Faith, is there Hope, in Hope, does happiness exist?
Does the snake dare once more to enter in temptation?
Will the serpent usurp my soul or will I resist?
Am I doomed to eternal Hell and damnation?

When Lord, when will I feel cleansed and pure?
How shall I walk in Thy path to Light?
Is this possible or truly bleak and obscure?
This place called Heaven,  where all is made right?

I want to believe, but HOW, in that which canot be seen?
I take a leap of Faith and will I land among the clouds?
Do they lead me to the Gates of St. Peter even?
Is it wrong to feel pleasure and be proud?

Shall I come to you on bent knees in prayer?
Will you listen to my words and answer?
Or will You shun me with doubtful stares?
Am I to wonder and wander , my life a blur?

Is it passing me over this thing called Love?
Am I too not worthy to be one of grace?
Are there truly cherubs and seraphins above?
Are the temples adorned with gild and lace?

When will I receive the gift of Life eternal?
What is the number remaining to those of mine?
Are their days and nights creatures too nocturnal?
Or is it You tell us not being pure and too kind?

How hard it might be to know the Truth?
Was the book of Life for all was written long ago?
Can I aim to be pure in mind and soul like Ruth?
Or is this all really figmented thoughts for show?

Poems My Way Valrie 09/01/2011

Been a very long and difficuLt week for me so far. Today was exhausting, docotr appointments, social services, banks, attornies, shopping and cleaning house and washing. CAN'T SEEM TO FOCUS...

Had very bad news today as well form a letter from a doctor....
L2 vertebral body chronic compression deformity, near anatomic thoracic, lumbars, and sacral; disc narrowing at both L4 & L5 intervertebral level, NEW facet joint degenerative chnages noted at L5-S1. Demineralized bones, severe advanced osteoporosis and osteopiina L2 cement vertebral body chronic compression deformity. Bone loss at T11 which appears chronic as well; degenerative disc disease noted at multiple levels is facet joints. oh and PLEASE contact your PCP STAT to discuss these findings in light of your recent exacerbation of pain and trauma. funny or what?

So rather bleak feeling as you might gather?

Keeping my chin up.

I am having fun though in spite of myself. Really getting into decorating my new home and finding some real bargains?

Look for my pictures soon.

Love to all...

Time to sleep!


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