I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Living the Life in Frugal Pinks!

I so love antiquing, garage sales and baragin shopping!  I always find plenty of PINKS!!!!Found this dainty pitcher and bowl set at a barn sale yesterday, ($4) the sparkly gittered miniature roses at the dollar store, 2 for 1$. Pretty enough alone but  think I'll do some more...hmmmmmm....
These antique novelty dishes were also at the same barn sale! Can you believe they were only $3 each? The teddy bear riding into my china ($1)  was found somewhere along my travels between sales!
Want to see more?
The candles were bought in The Cooperstown General Store, and the dainty climbing ivy and pink roses candle holders were .... you guessed it only $1 for the pair.
The checkerboard linen vintage tablecloth ($4) and the pink  woven placemats (4 for $1)
were both found along with the candle holders at the SPCA goodwwill shop in Index, NY.
Not bad barain hunting, all only $18.00. I don't know about you, but I adore finding these treasures expecially when the money is going to charity and a good cause. It brightens my day to know the needy, our abandoned animals, and through the Salvation Army and HARC Goodwill, I am able to help others like me, on a very limited budget, starting over, and want quality wares! The local folk have gotten to know me quite well thanks to my sister Vanessa, who is my partner when we go out on Friday mornings at the crack of dawn to beat the EBAYERS! So much fun!

Now if you would be so kind as to uplift my hometown Binghamton NY in prayers, they have been declared a state of disaster from the massive rain and flooding from the tropical storm that lasted 3 days in our area. My area too was severely flooded, schools closed, roads barricaded all through Friday (since Saturday last week)! The rain started late Saturday, by Sunday even my church was flooded inside, Monday the winds reached higher levels than during Irene, and the rain came on and on and on.  The winds later hit at tornadoe gusts, I was right in the eye of the strom in my little farmhouse first floor haven. Rain poured in every side of the house. I ran to get the windows shut, too late as some had already flooded my living room window sills. It wa so weird to see and feel the wind twirling around the entire house. Across the road my neignbor's heavy duty dumptruck's lid blew open, and his flagpole snapped in two, the flag dragging on the ground. Doc could hardly wait to get out there when it was safe and rescue the flag. The next morning my backyard (about 3 acres) was flooded high enough to swim in. Fire engines pumped out homes and dips in the road.Whew! I do not want to be amidst another one of them anytime too soon!

May the angels above surround all our friends and family tomorrow as we pause for a moment of silence in remembrance of 911. Our Heroes, those who lived and those who died sacrificing their lives for others, or joining hands as they jumped from the towers, knowing they would die, yet nobly choosing how. I cannot imagine the loss of the lives of so many. Children and spouses, parents, sisters and brothers, best friends, and all the first responders, the EMT squads, police, firefighters, and all the good samaritans. Bless You and Thank You.

           The Land of the Free!

America we must stand tall
We will not relent or cave -
Our God hears OUR call...
For this IS the Land of the Brave,
The Land of the Free, and We
Will fight for God, Our country...
Our Liberty, forever through Eternity!

Poems My Way Valrie 09/10/11

I dedicate this poem to the fallen, the survivors, and those who helped during 911. It was a very hard day for me as an educator I taught less than 9 miles as the crow flys fromThe Pentagon. While taking care of 785 middle school children, all I could think was that my own children's father was in the midst of it all., as he worked in NYC  at a publishing firm, and was a straphanger commuter from Islip to NYC. It was into the evening hours before we heard that he was safe.

I often write poetry to express my deepest feelings and beliefs, and tomorow I will post the poem.

Please come back to see what I have done for my church's coffee hour for tomorrow's memoriam service and coffee hour. I made 3 floral arrangements of silk flowers, red, white , and blue; tons of cupcakes, cookies, and a megasize cake too!

                                  Sending out very PINK bear HUGS from ME to YOU!!!
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