I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day Tribute

It is with a saddened heart that I celebrate Father's Day this year. My father passed away on April 7th this year. He was a OOAK (One of a Kind). He joins my mother, another OOAK, who passed away 24 years ago come this August 24th.  Fathers are so special. They are the first man you love  and who loves you. They are protective. They nurture you, they take care of you, they discipline you and they guide you throughout your life. My dad never raised a hand in anger to me. He was authoritative without being harsh. He had high expectations for each one of us 6 siblings. I am the third, 2nd daughter, having the oldest a brother, Garry- 63, a sister Vanessa - 59, me, 57, and then 2 more sisters, Cheryl 53& Debra 52, and a "baby" brother, Kevin 48. SO you can see dad has quite a legacy with his heritage. This is the last picture I have of my mom and dad together. It was April 15th, 1989, their 40th wedding anniversary. What an awesome life they had together.
Mom and Dad's 40th wedding Anniversary in April, 1989. My sister Vanessa baked and decorated the cakes and they were as tasty as they were beautiful. 

                        This picture was taken sometime in the late '80's, where they lived on
                                                       Ballyhack Road, Port Crane, NY.
                       Not sure of the date of this photo, again I believe it was in the mid-late '80s
                                     Sometime in the '80's at my sister Cheryl's home.

                        Mom always smiled when dad was close by, she must really be smiling again,
                                                     'cause dad is with her up in Heaven!
 A really nice portrait of Dad and Mom, even though the photographer felt he needed to make dad stand on a box. Dad was a couple inches shorter than mom, BUT he always stood tall!

This is perhaps one of my most treasured things I have of dad's; remember when autograph books were all the rage? Well I had to be about 7 or 8. All the significant adults in my life signed it for me.
This is a photocopy of what daddy wrote to me.

                   Dad's smile would light up the world! I love this picture of my dad and I...

Father's Day at Belden Hill Campground with Joey!

Dad remarried after mom passed away and Dolores, who I also call mom, was with dad for 23 years. She is an awesome mom and grandma to my children. Here are a few family pictures throughout the years visiting them in Florida where they lived; the pontoon boat is long been sold, but boy was daddy ever a proud captain when he manned that thing.

A family gathering up at Belden Hill Campgrounds where dad and Dee had a year round site with their little palace in the woods. Joey's deployment party, a farewell and good luck send off in July 2010.

Christmas 2011, at my dad's in Florida with hubby (Mark and I were on our honeymoon and spent a few days there with them).


                         We went to The Arabian Horses and saw a beautiful Christmas Special.

                                       Arabian Nights with dad and mom Christmas Day 2011!

This year is my first without my dad. Although my heart is sad, I am happy he is with God now. I have so many memories of him. These are my most cherished treasures: the quiet times we had over late night teas, Christmas Eve shopping for my mom at Britt'ss Plaza in Vestal every year and staying up late into Christmas morning wrapping the gifts; scoring the bowling leagues for his Press Tournaments he ran at the American Legions; his approval of me everyday, and his constant encouragement in what I chose to do with my life. All the crazy camping trips and places we went with the NCHA, even making me compete in Teen Queen, and winning the chapter, district, and placing 3rd in the state. Opening night of White Liars, at CFCS HS and hearing dad ask mom, "Betty, where is Valrie, I thought she was in this play? I was disguised as the old fortune teller, Sophie and it was the leading role. The day I graduated high school, winning those awards, BCC, SUNY Binghamton, Elmira College; walking me down the aisle on my wedding day; the first time he held each of my children in his arms. Our last trip to Florida, for our honeymoon and sharing Christmas Eve and Christmas day with Dad and Mom (Dolores). The very last day I saw him alive, on his way back down to FL from his summer vacationing in NY. Our last talk on the phone before Lord Jesus called him home. Dad, I love you and this is for you...

               Dad I Love You

When I was just a wee little lass

All my questions to dad I asked.

I'd follow him around the room

Morning, night and afternoon.

Upon his lap I'd climb and rest

It always brought me happiness.

He'd whisper secrets into my ears

And pat away my salty tears.

Into a tomboy I had grown

And Dad always let it be known.

No task he gave me I couldn't do,

Even if it was polishing his shoes!

Throughout those awkward teens

I'd run and hide, to not be seen.

Dad would call me to come back out

To him, and say now tell me all about...

Whatever I did or didn't do

Dad would still say "I love you."

As the years went by quickly it seems

My talks with Dad now feel like dreams.

Far too soon I went off to college

In search of all that worldly knowledge.

A woman now and on my own,

I moved out to my new home.

Daddy walked me down that aisle

And proudly wore a great big smile.

He still said you will always be my little girl,

No matter where you go or live in this world.

So many cups of late night tea

Spent over long talks with me.

I miss them now, more that Dad's not here ~

For in my heart I still hold him dear.

A grandpa to my kids, he was the best

Although when smidgens he would resist

Holding them, one was a widget, Jenni

And Joey a very teeny tiny preemie.

How fondly I remember all those years

As I sit here now weeping tears.

I am proud to have been your daughter

Dad, and know you are with our Heavenly Father.

Hold a place for me daddy, when it's my time

I want to run into your arms and bells will chime

For now, I hold you fast to my heart

Where I was with you right from the start.

Poems My Way ~ Valrie 06/16/2013

I love you Dad!

                           Dad and my mom (Dolores) in a recent picture at a family wedding.
                   Sending you my poem now DAD straight from my heart to you in Heaven!
My beautiful children honor  their dad, who is in Heaven, gone 11 years now.
 Jenni in August 2012 just graduated college with her
AS in veterinarian technology and with her Mikey below.
Joey and Laura on their wedding day February 10, 2013
 Joey and Laura loving on their twins to be, so YES my son is a daddy to be, due date July 26th, 2013!
    Today, I have special plans for the other special "dad" in my life. We are driving over to  Rockville, MD and I am taking him to dinner at "That's Amore" a wonderful Italian restaurant. It is also Soleil's 15th birthday, but she and Autumn are all wrapped up in Soleil's birthday plans, typical teenagers, so they are coming over on the 19th, Mark's birthday! A busy week ahead to be sure!

Hugs from me to you!


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