I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Returning to PINK SATURDAYS!

Dear fellow PS bloggers:

It has been a  long time since I had the inspiration to want to post for PS. Many life events have occurred since my last PS post well over a year ago. I have visited many of you, not even leaving comments. Trust me though, your posts always brighten my days.

I got married in October 2011, moved to VA from upstate NY and now live in Haymarket VA, a DC metro suburb.

I now have 4 more children in my life... Faith and her husband Brandon is Mark's oldest daughter and lives in the suburbs of LA, CA. we went to their wedding this past September in CA.

                                         Faith and her hubby Sean at their wedding. Faith below!
                                   Both Soleil and Autumn ride horses and take lessons!

                                               Soleil, will be 15 on June 16th, Father's Day.

                                         Autumn is 12 but she looks like she is 18.

My handsome son Joey married a beautiful and loving young lady Laura (the 4yh new child in my life) and they are expecting fraternal boy/girl twins this July! How exciting to be having 2 grandchildren all at once for my first time as a grandmother.

Joey and Laura at their couples' baby shower pondering and loving on the thoughts of their twins due July 26th, 2013! My first grandbabies are fraternal twins, girl/boy!

My Jenni graduated from 2 programs toward her veterinarian degree. She now has an AA & AS, is continuing on towards being a veterinarian doctor in TX. She just moved into her own apartment yesterday.

Jenni was glowing this was last August at her graduation in Texas, I was really quite ill that day...
 Such a happy and confident look, she just earned her AS degree and is a veterinarian technician.
                                                      Congrats to the GRADUATE!
Jenni and her Mikey, hope to see them walk down the aisle soon too!

I had surgery in February 2012, and it has taken the better part of a year and a half to get the wind back into my sails! I am still in physical therapy for my back injuries and degenerative disc issues, but am getting more mobile now with the warmer weather here.

I took a medical leave of absence from my doctoral studies and will resume them on June 29th... hoping to get it all done by December 2014, we shall see...

My father died April 7th, 2013, a week after Easter. I miss him so much. Now both my dad and mom are my guardian angels up in Heaven watching over me.

This is dad and my 2nd mom, who lives alone now since dad passed away in April, in central Florida.

                                                I will hold you in my heart forever dad!

And I have gone through so many ups and downs in the last year and a half... but here are a few pics of me recently taken...

                                          My silly cat, Carmel asking for a tummy rub...
                      Getting hugs and kisses from Carmel, Mark is going to be jealous!

 Glad to see we see nose to nose and eye to eye.
                                         A bright and sunny day and so happy to be alive!

                                                Frosty Fruity Pink Frappaccino!
The last one is my pink for the day! A Pink fruit slushie fresh and homemade....

Here's the recipe:    4 large strawberries fresh NOT frozen
                                1 banana
                                3 slices of cantaloupe  cubed
                                6 large blackberries
                                1 8 0z cup of fresh fruit cocktail with pink grapefruit in it
                                 8 oz cranberry juice
                                 2 cups ice cubes

Place ice cubes  in a blender and crush

Add fruit in order listed above

Liquefy or frappie until desired thickness

Pour into a 16 ounce frosted glass that you pre-frosted in freezer.

Makes 2 huge Fruit Frappaccinos!

I had mine out on the terrace deck... feet up and basking in the sun...

Hope to see you visiting soon. Have a wonderful PINK SATURDAY! I am off to see your blogs...

Have a beautiful weekend.

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  1. My word you are much too young to have been through so much in this time frame. Glad you felt like joining us today and trust things greatly improve. Wishing you many blessings,


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