I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Poetry inspired by Love and the Sea

Adrift at Sea
Like the ship that chips away the ice in the northern seas
Your smile alone has chipped away at me and if you please
Call upon me once every now and a then a friendship begins...
Where it doth take us we yet not know, perhaps forever friends?

We shall not know unless we pluck at the strings held close to our hearts
And abandon fears left behind from those who sadly parted
And yet if ye be true to thine own words and dare to breathe
A sigh of relief for alas the damsel returns the call, stress  relieves...

But not unto deaf ears I hope that this poetic rhyme doth fall
Moreover unto one who knows how to listen great or small -
It matters not to me but that in a new beginning yesterday is gone
And forever hear the notes of the dove's early morn' song...

A rhyme unto no season, put forth but for merely one reason
To beckon not like the sirens of the sea nor treason,
For truth be known not what lies ahead or where to steer the ship
Lest we fear the words left unsaid go unheard, hearts ill equipped -

Like the island in the middle of the sea, drifting ere so slightly
Waiting on a call from nature to rise above the ocean's floor, rightly
Claim the shores of an unsung loved one, and cradle life with love
If for nothing more than love of life itself, a message sent above,

Fear not the future, waste not the present, and the past lies behind,
Not forgotten but a place in time, left to be honored not unkind,
Moving forward ashore as the drifting collects the sands of time
Perhaps with Hope there is Faith, that in time true love shall be mine.

Poems My Way - Valrie 06/27/2013

Many times as I find myself struggling with big decisions, I wander to the nearest beach or reminisce about one I have been to; it is here where I write my best poetry. I love the ocean and tropical islands.
I absolutely am fascinated with the mystical mermaid and her siren like beckoning. This was the perfect muse for my love poem... What  do you think

One Among the Sea...
Like a mermaid, I swim through life
Trapped upon the land or shores,
Yet, freely glide among the ocean floors
In search of the great gift of all, no strife...

I adorn myself with faux jewels and gems
My spirited temper often beguiles me ~
And I lose myself within the quest for equality…
And who shall ever rise to the challenge then?

Not unlike the tame less shrew at times
For hard is learned the lesson, dost I know,
The true riches of the earth for all to show
Lay not at one's victors misplaced kinds -

But among the castles built within the sand
Or in the eye-scape of the golden sunset
In places unknown and people not yet met,
An endless walk along the beaches hand in hand -

Shall my prince appear soon without his ship?
Will I a mere mermaid find my merman?
Am I doing the very best I can?
Have I been rightfully equipped?


Into the diamonds on the shores I cast
My glance, purvey the granules of time,
Pursuit is half the fun or game in mind,
Yet will one cherish that which he holds at last?

So many tests of love there have been for me
And still I broach the subject with tender gloves,
Surely I am not meant to drift into the coves
For all eternity and lose my sense of reality?

Mirroring the thoughts of maiden's ancient lore
Adorn myself with man -made gaudy gauche riches…
Not do I - but with the simple things of life which
For me are gifts of Love, Faith, and Hope to see what's more -

Into the rippling gentle waves I cast my line
In Hope of future riches such above be hooked!
Upon my lure, come forth I beckon you to look
Beyond the surface of the smile although 'tis kind

Acquaint thyself with verses sad or pleasing rhymes,
And gain the fruit or knowledge of the story,
One's intimate awareness of the other's journey
To truly connect as one in all due time.

Without the foundation of the ocean floor
The water quakes and causes harm to all lands…
So, as this is the framing of one's heart as it commands
Solidity, monogamy, and forever one another to adore.

Castaway the burdens of the heart and leave them behind...
Safeguard the future with caution as unto the sea I reach -
For many an island I have traveled and weathered each;
Abandoned, forgotten, misused, and treated unkind -

But alas it does not affect the final quest I seek!
For I know, one day, true love will be more than a phrase…
For now, I raise my eyes to the canopy of stars, and gaze
Among the Heavens, a little tamed by life, spirited yet meek -
For among one of those many fish at sea lays the one
Merman whom is worthy of my love, who Values love
And unto me the focus turns... innocent like a dove,
In flight to freedom to be me and my troubles undone.

For happiness to shine through sun and starlight
First we must love ourselves and then in turn another ~
A different love for each, sister, brother, father mother -
Daughter, son and friends, and to the one true love unite...

Ah, but to take in all that life and love shall bring -
Greater than any diamond or sparkling glittering stone
Endless and uncountable as the baubles on a throne,
Fare not well to me, for all I desire is for my heart to sing.

Sing with the thrills of knowing all is well -
The music of the soul comes from one's heart,
With trust and loyalty one cannot help but start...
And where the tale shall end, no one truly tells -

Concrete feelings break easily, shared ones sprout
Like buds on an endless climbing rose vine…
Sharing your life along with the memories of mine ~
Feeling safe, loved, not helpless or no way out.

Confident in all that I believe, my life is mine alone
You see? Shared with others, children too, but only
I control what, when and how I do...’tis not enough, lonely
Yes at times, but not burdened or a heart turned stone...

And now' tis time to turn my head not to lofty thoughts -
Remembering from whence I came and where or 'ere I got -
Do not step gently into my life, for in many ways the lot
Of it, to speak has gotten me with that which I have sought -

A siren beckoning in the sea somewhat displeases me -
For they have ill intent, I like Athena, love for love!
I give unto the one my commitment, nor do I rove
Among the oceans, for that in truth saddens me.

I will know when the love or soul mate finds me,
Or I him, and with the gusts of galeful winds -
Shall  I befriend him first, and know all before I begin
To release the wall around my heart blissfully.

Patience all, beware this mermaid's call, and trust
In her that she will pursue the one that's meant
For me, not a menu to consume, nor defiant
Spoils of the sea, not in wrongful soiled lust...

For this time, I first consider me and where
I shall rest my fins this time not lightly taken be -
Although many exist for choice 'tis only one meant for me,
A smile upon my face when found, I shall wear.
 Poems My Way - Valrie 06/26/2013

Created with love for the love of my life

Mark Duane  Hefty
Special dedication to S. Regina Moore,Southern OOAKS
Regina is a very specials friend and an amazing artist.
 be sure to stop by her blog to experience her whimsical creations. 
Well, that's the muse so far today... be back soon with more...
 Time to refill the coffee mug, read a bit and off to physical therapy!
Have a beary nice day!










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  1. You know that I love all of your poems but these are my favorite ones. (of course they would be....they touch my mermaid soul)

    Thank you for the dedication....you are so AWESOME and I am so blessed to have you as a friend.



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