I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Muse Returns...

Poetry to me is a way of life. It is my therapy, my personal communal with God; a way to work through life's issues... to celebrate life, to examine it, to reflect on  it and the relationships we have throughout our existence. The valleys of our sorrows  and the mountain tops of our joy, the tears that fill the rivers and streams that wash them away. I hope you enjoy my poetry and if you would like to share it, please email me and I will review your requests.
Please honor copyrights!

I have been put down, abused, defamed

Yet I will not bow my head in shame.

I am a woman of deep convictions

And my heart is filled with God's affections.

I know not why the enemy assaults me so

But I do know through God’s mercy where to go…

I turn to my Saviour on bent knees and pray

For His love ~ His guidance ~ and, His protection every day.

I am blanketed in the arms of my faith in God

And my mind calmed from torrential seas, as I nod

In agreement, to turn it over; to let go of my woes…

I acquiesce, as the negative energy off me flows.

I will not drown in a sea of salty tears

That once dared to pool and flood my life in fear.

I claim my place in God’s servitude and surrender all

As to my future, I to Him I shall beckon when called.

I will defeat the demons that torment a weakened soul

And fill my life with God’s scriptures brim full…

I will drink of eternal life and let God’s love shine bright…

In quiet solitude, alas I rest, through God’s guiding light.

Poems My Way ~ Valrie 06/24/2013
I wrote this poem about 5AM today. It just came to me as I watched the sunrise and I was reminiscing of the many times I watched the sunrise or felt it warm my face while laying in the grass watching the clouds float by.

Sunshine always starts the day
Even when you're far away.
Sunshine gently falls on my face
Depressed thoughts erased.
Sunshine rays fill the room
Saving me from eternal doom.
Sunshine lifts up my heart
As in your arms I start with
Sunshine smiling down
On me, takes away my frown.
Sunshine always comes my way
Each day in sun basked rays.
Sunshine loving where I stand,
It makes my heart skip a beat ~
Sunshine so warm and its heat
Shines down on all, in every land
Sunshine, sweet, hand~ in~ hand,
I grasp my love, next to me
Sunshine forever happy I will be
And run and race until the end
Sunshine starts each day my friend.
Poems My Way ~ Valrie 06/24/2013
It has been a very long and difficult day today for me....I am working on many projects  and other things which hopefully I will soon be able to share. Really missing both of my parents today, both in Heaven.
Hopefully tomorrow will be less stressful.
Have a wonderful night!

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