I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Poetry to Inspire!


God’s Heavenly Stairs
Here I am Lord; I am climbing your stairs
Do you see me striving to be like You?
I pledge to You my life, my soul
Will you take it and consecrated let it be?
Here I am Lord; I am stumbling down Your stairs,
Will You save me Lord, catch my hand please?
I am walking among the cloudy paths of humankind ~
Weakened by the stress of time, and falling from Grace…
Will You cleanse my soul, renew my Faith in Thee?
Here I am Lord; praying ever so humbly…
I am kneeling before You, disgraced, what has become of me?
What hast Thou in store for me…what purpose shall I serve?
Here I am Lord; I am listening desperately to Your Word.
Will You guide me Lord, however small the steps might be?
Take my hand and steadfast lead me through my troubled waters ~
I’m climbing Your stairway to Heaven, thank You Lord for saving me!
Poems My Way ~ Valrie06/26/2013
A friend of mine from high school challenged me to write a poem which serves this picture, and so this poem came to fruition. Thank you Rick!
As I look back on my life I see reflections of my past
In the mirrored image of glimmer-glass a s­­­­­­­erene lake.
Lofty thoughts of yesteryears gone by flow freely
In my mind, yet they are mere moments in time.
Shattered broken, a life in ruins, once brightly colored but
Now stained with the scars of my youth and wisdom of age…
A murky feeling engulfs me in the depths of a slumbering pool…
As I sink into depression the waters drown my spirit and faith
And I cease to breathe, drowning in a self-made sea of salty tears.
Falling deeper into the abyss, a harkened angel grasps my limp
And faltering hand and I rise to the surface breaking free
From the fears of self-defeats … strongholds of satanic demise.
Before my eyes the sunrays shine and light the sky amidst the clouds
And I am renewed, both in spirit and physical domains, again, I rise
To the occasion and refreshed begin anew my journey back to God.
Remembering just before the storm comes the calm and glimmering
Sea, what once was, no longer has to be, for God has saved me.
Poems My Way ~ Valrie 06/26/2013
This was another picture related inspirational creation. The image of the boat floating among the clouds is ...I believe really a reflection in  a body of water, being the creative muse that I am, my mind quickly wandered to memories of yesteryears and this poem literally flowed from my fingers...
Hope you enjoy my poetry and if you want to share it, please email me the link and where you  will post or share, once approved, I will email you authorization for its use... all poems are copyrighted.
The muse feels further inspired  so look for more new poems tomorrow!
Have a blessed day!
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