I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

I hope you enjoy my blog...please honor copyrights!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sharing PINKs and Thanking God!

                   Good Morning Pink Saturday Bloggers! Ready to share some PINKS?
I am! All dressed up in Fuschia PINK and on my way church last Sunday
and thought, hmmm it's PINK! And if you look close on the wall behind
me is my beautiful butterfly sculpture... with PINK butterflies!
You all know I love flea markets, garage sales and antiquing right?
This beautiful carousel of horses is adorned in pink!

I got in the spirit the last Saturday and had my nails polished HOT PINK!

 My kitchen has a lot of pinks in it too... I found this PINK porcelain flower
sprinkler at a garage sale and put a bossy old crow inside and it sets on my indoor garden!

 Another treasure found doing my Saturday runs at garage and yard sales...
just a touch of PINK to help water the garden.

Since moving down here to Virginia, and marrying Mark, I gained 3 more daughters.. so this is for GIRLS NIGHT OUT! We'll have to dress up in PINK one day! The bank is full so we will probably go splurge at the ice cream parlor, Cold Stone Creamery, YUMMY!

My very favorite coffee mug/teacup. Dainty, porcelain with 14K gold trim
and delicate pink and burgundy flowers. Coffee is brewed, so time to get my cup!
A friend posted this on my Facebook timeline this week and I snatched it up to share here!

Ladies this PINK poster is guaranteed to make you feel good and relaxed if you do as it says...

Thank You God.
I thank you God for another day
And allowing me to kneel and pray
I thank you Lord for sparing me
And most of all for making me see...
I thank you God for challenges wrought
And for your love and life was bought.
I thank you God for keeping me alive
When I really wanted to run and die.
I thank you God for the gifts I have
And forgiving me when I was bad.
I thank you God for times gone by
And for making me your laws abide.
I thank you God for my clear visions
And for helping me with hard decisions.
I thank you God for things so small
That many never thank you for at all.
I thank you for the beauty of this earth
And helping us to see Your worth.
I thank you Lord for your sacrifice
Though sadly we cry with all our might.
I thank you God for dying upon the cross
And saving mankind of what we lost.
I thank you God loving me unconditionally
And for my strength that flows now freely.
I thank you God for removing all my fears
And forever showing me how much you care.
I thank you Lord for every brand new day
Which greets me with love in so many ways.
I thank you most of all my God for this love
And I with patience wait to come to you above.
Poems My Way ~ Valrie 06/12/2013
 Be sure to link up with Bev over at How Sweet The Sound.

 Happy Pink Saturday, HUGS TOO!





  1. Hello Valrie,

    What beautiful pieces. I love
    the carousel!

    Happy Summer
    Bear Hugs,

  2. Loved seeing all your assortment of pinks. I have nothing in my home. That is why I have to go out and find them for PS.

  3. I love the carousel too. I have a small collection. take care, Darlene


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